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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in RTW, Travel Info

12 “What” of 2012

12 What of 2012

As each day passes I like to think there is one thing I have learned. It needn’t be monumental nor life altering, but something new for me to ponder be it a thought, a skill, or an idea. So with the end of 2012, here is a list of 12 things that I learned throughout the year, be them big or small, they all left an impression with me.

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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Canada, Home, North America

My Thunder Bay Lifestyle Change

waiting in limbo - Scotia at Pigeon River Provincial Park

I have managed to come home to Canada once a year. Sometimes for only 2 week stints a few times a year, or maybe for a whole month. Most of these visits had an ending scheduled; I had somewhere to be – I had a next step. But currently, I sit in limbo. Waiting. My lifestyle morphed quickly into an unhealthy one as I let failure consume me. But I needed a change – This is my Thunder Bay Lifestyle Change.

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