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Posted by on Sep 19, 2011 in Argentina, South America, Travel Info

Life Line: The Guia “T” and Mapa

The Guia “T”. What is that? It is your Buenos Aires physical life line. Everybody has one – and you should too.

Mapa.BuenosAires.Gov.Ar. What is that? It is your Buenos Aires Virtual life line. Every uses it – and you should too.

Guia T is a pun meaning Guide Yourself. And that is exactly what you will do. Instead of being intimidated by the Buenos Aires bus system – stop at any of the newspaper stands you see at all corners, ask for a Guia “T” (Gee-Ah Tea) 2011. And you have now saved yourself a lot of time, trouble, worries, and stress.

This handy little book is a little map of the city, with corresponding bus lines going from each area to the other areas.

But how do you use it?

    1. The White pages at the front (pg. 4-23) are where you look up Street Name, Address, and Section to find the proper Map. (Oui Oui Cafe – Nicaragua 6068 – Pg. 17 – Map 8 – Section A4)
    2. Turn to said Map and find proper Section (Map 8 – A4).
    3. Look at Left hand Page at Section A4 where it lists all Buses that are in that Section. (39-41-57-60-67-68-152-161-194)
  1. Keep your Finger on this page
  2. Next, look up your destination Street Name, Address, and Section to find that map. (Casa Rosada – 25 de Mayo – Pg. 23 – Map 17 – Section C4)
  3. Turn to said Map and find the proper Section (Map 17- Section C4)
  4. Look at Left hand Page at Section C4 where it lists all Buses that are in that Section. (6-22-24-26-28-29-33-50-56-61-62-64-74-86-91-93-105-111-126-130-140-143-152-159-180-195)
  5. Now you see switch buses over lap – In this case it is Bus number 152.
  6. Go the white pages at the back of the book and look up bus number 152 to determine its route.  In this case – You catch the bus on Santa Fe Av. and get off on Rivadavia or when you see the pretty pink Casa Rosada!
Now in this instance – I realize it would just be easier to catch to Subway – But – the subway shuts down at night and is not safe late into the evenings – so this Guia T will really help.
So what is this Well it in the interactive online travel map of Buenos Aires city. It is all in Spanish – but you click the middle button “Como Llegar”. In “Desde” type your current location and in “Haste” type your destination and Press the Search Button on the Right. It will give you multiple options with travel times along the side. Simply click the shortest duration time and it will show you the route and where to catch the bus/subway/train.
Ps. Mendoza 1677 is the location of an AMAZING Asian grocery store where you can find all of the Western delights you might start to miss. Such as: Peanut Butter, Spices, Teriyaki and other Sauces, Cranberry/Grape Juices. As well as having an amazing selection of Asian food imports!
Both of these resources will make your life and travels in Buenos Aires 100% easier. No more taxis – which although cheap – do add up – and you can experience the busses which are an extremely great system!
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