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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in RTW, Travel Info

2012 Summary

2012 Chrystal Collage

2012 has been an extremely fun year for me. I travelled 4 continents and 14 countries. So I figured I would give you a summary type post about my entire year filled with my a dazzling photo of moi (har har) along with a Post line-up for each country I visited. Here we go.

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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Albania, Europe

Bunkers and Mercedes Benz

I love when you visit a country and you suddenly learn the most random facts. Then you stay a few days and you experience a few more quirky facts. And after 4 days in Albania, the oddities of the country remain and bring a smile to my lips with each reflection. So these are the Bunkers and Mercedes Benz of Albania. Among other things.

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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Albania, Europe

A Place to Shut Off Your Brain

Albania - Berat Castle - Church

One thing I liked about Balkan Road Trip was the convenience of getting from A to B and having stops along the way. Hassle-free for me. But there is one major problem; and that arises when getting from point A to point B is a 3 day period, there are 6 destinations to see, and 3 countries to get through. That is a lot of everything all crammed in tight. So here is my rushed through tour of a castle of a hill: otherwise known as Berat Castle.

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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Albania, Europe, Explore, Travel Info

Not JUST Another Ancient Ruin: Butrint, Albania

Albania - Butrint Ruins- church arches

Some people don’t like ruins. Some people think you can see too many ruins and it becomes monotonous. Ruin, after ruin, after ruin… But for me, it is more like RUIN AFTER RUIN AFTER RUIN *drools*. I really can’t describe how much I love ruins. Walking their ancient paths and being mesmerized by the architecture that has lasted through centuries. So when I visited Butrint in Albania, it was not JUST another ancient ruin.

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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Albania, Europe

Lunches on the Albanian Coast

Albania - Adriatic Sea - Beach for Lunch

My Balkans Road Trip was a 3 day tour. And for 3 days I ate lunch on the Albanian coast. Albania is sometimes a forgotten country, forgotten by the general public, not by avid travellers, but the general public haven’t infiltrated this beautiful country. This beautiful country has its coast on the same beautiful Adriatic Sea that Croatia does, a country renowned for its beaches. But Albania is pristine – Albania is free of the ambush – for now. The beautiful Albanian coast was my backdrop for 3 seafood lunches.

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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Albania, Europe

A Big Block Box Communist City

Albania is titled the last unspoilt country on the Adriatic. With its history of communism – the country remained closed to tourists until much later then its bordering countries, thus bringing development much later. I was excited to explore a country described as beachy, beautiful, and a place to party. If I wanted that idea to develop into reality, I should not of had Tirana as my introduction to the country. Tirana is a big block box communist city. 

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Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Europe, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia, Travel Info

Balkan Bound: If I have to go Home I’m taking the LONG WAY!

Balkan Bound: If I have to go Home I’m taking the LONG WAY!

I am currently in Morocco doing a workaway. I was originally heading to Jordan next and then on to Europe. Plans change and I am now returning to Canada June 25th for a Job. I booked my Flight; Athens, Greece-Toronto, Canada. Lets recap. I am currently in: Marrakech, Morocco. I have a flight to: Milan, Italy. I fly out of: Athens, Greece. Since I want to stay out of Canada as long as possible – This means for the month of June I am Balkans Bound!

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