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Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in AFaS, Reading List, Travel Info

52-Week Book Challenge: Q3

GoodReads - 12 Book Covers

And in the last 3 months my life has done a 180 yet again. But my dedication to books and my New Years Resolution remained steadfast. I only read 12 books, so I didn’t maintain my one book a week, but I did start a new hobby with gusto and read many a thick sewing book and followed along with tutorials. So a new skill counts for something right?

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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Mexico, North America, Thoughts, Travel Info

A Series of Unfortunate Hostel Events

Oaxaca Mexico - Reaper Costume-1 I would consider myself as somebody with a mild temper. Yelling, Fighting, and Spite aren’t things I usually partake in – I just don’t understand those emotions. When pushed I stay silent or walk away – I may battle with cruel words but they are not spat from my mouth. Then a series of unfortunate hostel events occurred and changed all that.

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Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Budget, Croatia, Europe, Travel Info

Budget: Croatia 2012

Budget - Croatia 2012

Croatia isn’t cheap. But I didn’t make it cheaper for myself. I could of walked more, eaten at corner stores only, or found cheaper local digs. But I was tired. And you’ll see by the quick pace I was maintaining, that exhaustion was imminent. Thus, I took the easier way out and headed to a restaurant. Although I did smarten up in Dubrovnik when I had a kitchen to cook in. Otherwise, Croatia could easily do serious damage to your wallet.

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