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Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Canada, North America

So This is Christmas

Canada Christmas - Under my Christmas Tree- Husky Dog

I love Christmas and I love it in a very big way. The way stores decorate and wrap everything up in paper and ribbons. Christmas carols being sung merrily on radios, televisions, and over intercoms. The entire ground piled high with the crisp white of fresh snow and the tree branches drooping under its weight. The hustle and bustle in every store as people scatter to obtain that perfect gift for that special somebody; be it mother, father, brother, or cousin. Christmas for me is a time of big, bright, and boisterous.

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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Canada, Home, North America

My Thunder Bay Lifestyle Change

waiting in limbo - Scotia at Pigeon River Provincial Park

I have managed to come home to Canada once a year. Sometimes for only 2 week stints a few times a year, or maybe for a whole month. Most of these visits had an ending scheduled; I had somewhere to be – I had a next step. But currently, I sit in limbo. Waiting. My lifestyle morphed quickly into an unhealthy one as I let failure consume me. But I needed a change – This is my Thunder Bay Lifestyle Change.

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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Albania, Canada, Europe, North America

A Night of Celebration, Confusion, and Canadianism

My Balkan Road trip was well underway. I loved the 14 other people on the bus with me and our driver and tour guide. The sights were incredible and the hard work our guide guaranteed us lunch breaks on the beach to break up the sweltering heat we encountered with each tramp through a new historic sight. But on out last night it was a cause to celebrate; it was the 18th wedding anniversary of a British/Australian couple on the trip PLUS the 24th birthday of an Australian boy. And celebrate we did – far beyond the cake and wine at dinner and on to the drinking in a bar scene which lead to my confusion and disbelief.

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Posted by on Apr 4, 2012 in Canada, North America, Travel Info

How Rural Canadian Life Prepares you for Global Travel

How Rural Canadian Life Prepares you for Global Travel

Rural life. Boats, Canoes, Lakes, Baits, Hooks, Fishing, Fires, and Fun

I come from the centre of Canada; a little place called Thunder bay. Most people discredit the city as not worth seeing, and label us as “hicks”.  But living in rural Canada prepared me for Global Travel in many ways I wouldn’t expect – don’t discount your upbringing for how it can help prepare you for life and Global Travel. 

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