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About Me

From a Small town to a Global Citizen. My name is Chrystal McKay.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary GC Australia-7

Born: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

  • Population: 110,000
  • Pride: Outdoor Beauty
  • Pity: No jobs and No government support
  • Preoccupation: elementary school & high school

Life Changer: Neuchatel Switzerland

  • Population: 32,770
  • Pride: The Castles
  • Pity: I haven’t been back since 2006
  • Preoccupation: High school french language exchange

Cause of Travel Addiction: Bangkok, Thailand

  • Population: 8,300,000
  • Pride: Temples, Food, Climate
  • Pity: The dog over-population
  • Preoccupation: University exchange

Keeping it Global: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Population: 2,900,000
  • Pride: Party centre
  • Pity: satanic piles of dog poop everywhere
  • Preoccupation: Working for AIESEC

Trying Something New: Marrakech, Morocco

  • Population: 1,070,838
  • Pride: Djemme el-Fna square and Souks (Markets)
  • Pity: high prices due that come with major tourist hubs
  • Preoccupation: Working at a boutique hotel

Getting My Smarts On (Again): Southport, Australia

  • Population: 55,000
  • Preoccupation: Graduate School at Griffith University
Look its me - and a nonchalant furry friend!

Look its me – and a nonchalant furry friend!

I hold degrees in International Management and now International Tourism. I’ve worked in Human Resources, in Hotels, in Large Corporations and the only common factor is all jobs were worked abroad.

Why I Travel?

The more countries I experience – the more I realize – I love to be engulfed in countries, cultures, and traditions. It is not a race to a certain number of countries or a certain number of sights – it is about living in a country and having a life there. I’ve lived in Canada, Switzerland, Thailand, The Philippines, Argentina, Morocco, and I’m moving to Australia. I’ve travelled for school exchange programs, work, and because I just really really wanted to go! Of course I still wander to surrounding countries, keeping my explorer cap on, but I love to live a new life – not just tick the destination off a travel list. And my favourite part about travelling? The reason I keep it up? To meet new people and reunite with old friends. It is the people I meet and become good friends that always keep me excited, moving, experiencing, ultimately LIVING. Travel is apart of the life I choose to live and I love my life.

My facinations and focuses in countries

I love ruins, castles, churches, and all things old and beautiful. I love to hike and be outdoors. But no matter where I am or what I am doing – I am always learning. I value learning above all else and feel travel is the best way anybody can receive an education every single day.


I’m so happy you stopped by Chrystal-Clear, and I’d love to connect with you in the social media world: Please feel free to chat with me on Twitter, connect with me on Facebook, subscribe to my RSS Feed, or send me a personal e-mail message.

Thanks for Reading!

-Chrystal McKay