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Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in AFaS, Australia, Oceania

Quintessential Whitsunday Tourist

Whitsunday Islands Australia-21

My hand grasped the rope in a death grip. I sat side-saddle on the rubber boat, with the salty ocean water spraying my face, obscuring my view, as I was jostled forcefully with every new wave the boat surpassed. My hair snaked across my face uncontrollably in the wind, and with each determined flick of my head, seemed to tangle further. Why was today the only day I didn’t bring a hair tie? But as I stared out the islands dotting my view and my stomach clenched yet again, I knew it was the perfect blend of both fear and adrenalin. This was the way to enjoy the Whitsunday Islands.

Whitsunday Islands Australia-19

After many a lazy day on Long Island, cocktail in hand, hammock rocking me peacefully, meeting all my paradise island requirements, the desire to explore more was itching at me. I’ve never been the type fantasize about a beach getaway. But speed boats and snorkling? That’s something I can get onboard with. Enter Ocean Rafting.

The sun was bright and hot, the water was warm and refreshing, in summary a beautiful day for an island hopping tour. I put on my polka dot bikini, lathered on sunscreen, grabbed my sunnies, and I was ready to experience this world wonder. The boats were speedy and the waves manageable, my tried to ignore my stomachs protests and soak in every second I was in this outdoor wonderland.

Whitsunday Islands Australia-13

I openly admit that blue is not my best colour, but blue in the format of a skin tight wet suit, even less so. I was immediate cognizant of packing on those Christmas pounds. Oops. Thinking first would of reminded me of my impending need for minimal clothing due to Australia’s heat. No qualms in the ocean I say, and squeezed myself into the blue sausage-looking gear and immediately fell off the side of the boat letting the buoyancy of the ocean water turn my Christmas woes into weightless fun.

Jellyfish jingle

Sexy and I know it

Unforgiving Blue wetsuit; Mask on; Snorkle in mouth; Flippers on; Noodle wrapped under arm; camera in hand; I’m sexy and I know it. And I knew it the rest of the day, from beach to beach, I sported my gear proudly as the fish swished past me and the jellyfish lingered. The life underwater fascinates me to no end. I barely heard them, or blatantly ignored them, as they once again called me back onboard, knowing I didn’t want to leave, knowing that this place truly is bliss.

Whitsunday Islands Australia-17

Can’t stop me I’m the quintessential Whitsunday Tourist! (And Loving It)


  1. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to focus on the article because of the amazing photos! I just want to be there right now!

  2. i love it good :)