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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Australia, Oceania

New Country New Apartment: Australia Edition

my new bike Reid Cycle Vintage Ladies 6-Speed Bike

I’m sharing an apartment. I’ve bought a bike. I live next to the beach. Here’s a tour of my Australian apartment and location.


I like in Southport, Australia. I live in a two bedroom apartment shared with a British gentleman in an 18 apartment building on a quiet street. What made me pick this apartment? The location, the adult-working roommate, the price, and the large bed in my bedroom.


I found the apartment through gumtree and immediately put a deposit down when I came to look. I didn’t need to think. I loved it. It has an open living space with a kitchen conducive to cooking. The entire apartment is lined with large windows flooding it with natural light. Because we are located on the third floor and there are no tall buildings adjacent to ours, there is no need to worry about peeping neighbours.  I also have laundry machines in my apartment just off the kitchen.

There is a huge balcony with a bbq, flowers, and trees surrounding. I have a garage to store my pretty new bike in too!

bat flower on balcony

My bedroom was the main reason I wanted to live here. It isn’t gigantic, but I’ve never been one to require a lot of space. It is the bed that I was most drawn to. It’s a double bed all for me. This may not sound luxurious to you, but to somebody who sleeps in 20+ bed single dorm beds the majority of the time, a double bed is heaven. The entire room came furnished including sheets and towels. I have a double closest with dresser inside that mostly goes unused due to my lack of apparel this time around. I only moved with a 10kg backpack.

My apartment doesn’t have air conditioning. But those gigantic windows I was speaking of provide an incredible cross breeze through the apartment, so air conditioning is unnecessary. The apartment is cool and I have a fan in my room that I use on the rare occasions of muggy or scorching weather. And because it is Fall leading to Winter in Queensland, the temperature should drop starting in April to what I consider livable temperatures.


Southport Australia. Where is that? Most people who know the Gold Coast think of Surfer’s Paradise. I live immediately North of Surfer’s but there is no visible line dividing the two places because it is a  neighbourhood of Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is home to over half a million people and stretches along the coast for 56km. That is a lot of Beach folks! But it wouldn’t be Australia without stunning beaches.

Main beach shoes and sand

I live in the perfect ‘living’  location. I live 500m from a shopping centre that contains two grocery stores. I live next to the main street in town lined with restaurants and pubs. 2km East is the Ocean with Main Beach and the Spit lined with bicycle and hiking paths. I’m 7km from my University but my new bike gets me there in a jiffy. The bus stop at the end of my street takes me to the Train station which travels 40 min North to Brisbane City Centre.

Now some Wikipedia tourist statistics: Around 10 million tourists visit the Gold Coast area every year: of 849,114 international visitors, 3,468,000 domestic overnight visitors and 5,366,000 daytrip visitors. Tourism is the region’s biggest industry

Night time View

So This is my new temporary residence. What do you think?

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