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Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Australia, Oceania

Vanishing in Australia

Cairns Australia

Oops, so I haven’t posted in over a month. I suppose I’ll blame it on Australia. I couldn’t possibly blame myself? 

The last you heard from me I was in China. Both the terrible and the decent happened to me there. Now, 3 months later (in real time) I think I’ve finally recovered fully from that experience. But I departed from China on a plane and landed in Cairns, Australia. New country, new outlook. I had plans and experiences to be had. My past grievances were to be left there; in my past. I would start new in the bright and sunny country down under.

Cairns Australia- Esplanade

And Australia delivered. It was hot. Scorching to be precise. The temperatures were reaching highs of 38 during the day. And coming straight from Canadian winter (Why do I always do this to myself and my poor white skin?) it was beyond shocking to the system. From past experiences I knew my habit of walking outside without sunscreen or a water bottle and quickly succumbing to the elements. Heat stroke has become a pattern of mine. New sunshine destination, another encounter with heat stroke. I know me and I knew it would happen. Even as I am conscious of my stupidity in this regard, it is as if a wall is built the instant I see the sunshine between my common sense and my actions. So I gave myself heat stroke. It had to be done, I had to get it over with. What can I say…Oops?

Cairns Australia- Fishes

But luckily I had Marin. A wonderful lady who invited me into her home and welcomed me into her family for a week. I was couchsurfing in Cairns. They have a young daughter, Pearl, who is a sparkling ray of smiling sunshine. She was bright and vibrant and I couldn’t be more thankful to her. Why? Because having a young child in the house meant bedtime was early, 8pm. This corresponded delightfully with my jet lag, and my tendency to be an early riser. I could read quietly in the evenings and know I wasn’t being rude to my hosts by being alone. Also, such as any mother to a child, Marin instructed Pearl wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. And the natural tendency to obey a mothers command saw me complying with Marin’s directions to Pearl. Just like the good child I always was. (Right Mom?)

Cairns Australia- Creek

And the week was spent in complete comfort. I spent my days in the city wandering around aimlessly. I even took a day-trip to the Great Barrier Reef. A lazy Sunday at the Creek. Evenings spent conversing over dinner on the open patio in Marin’s backyard. I was relaxing and loving this lifestyle. It’s surprising how much you can let go of when you land in another country. Complete mentality shift. I was in Australia, the weather was fine, the people were kind, and I felt welcomed. I was enjoying the simple things in life which I had ignored for so long.

Cairns Australia- Trees

So thank you Marin, Jim, and Pearl. For inviting me in to your home and your family. For sharing your life with me, even temporarily, and providing me a strong sense of connection. You made my welcome to Australia better than I imagined. I’ll always think of you when I remember Australia.

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  1. I always forget the sunscreen too, and I live in the Middle East…. But all in all, it sounds like a very peaceful week. I keep reading about great couchsurfing experiences – I’ll have to try it myself one day.