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Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in Budget, Europe, Slovenia, Travel Info

Budget: Slovenia

Budget - Slovenia 2012

Slovenia. One of my favourite countries. Budget-friendly and exceptionally beautiful. My costs are slightly higher than they NEED to be, but that is because I headed to a real restaurant twice. What can I say – I wanted service.

Slovenia - Bled & Bohinj-Mojca

Accommodation: $0

Couchsurfing is what made Slovenia one of my favourite countries in the world. That’s right – I’m playing favourites. Mojca extended the offer to me when I indicated on my itinerary I’d be in Slovenia. After realizing Slovenia is small and that Mojca not living in the capital would be no problem, I said yes. I am so glad I did. Staying with Mojca made me realize how much fun travelling really is. All the great people I get to meet. Instant friends.

Average per day: $0 (look at that, dividing by 0)

Eating in Ljubljana Slovenia

Food: $66.27

Even though I did eat a few lunchs and breakfasts at Mojca’s place, I did also go out to restaurants a few evenings. Mostly for cakes and coffees at a local cafe. But my favourite meal was eating risotta made with cave cheese. If that wasn’t clear, it is Slovenia cheese that is produced inside a cave. Not sure if the animals live there too. Anyways, it was delicious. And gelato is also popular in Slovenia – I took this as a sign I should eat one every day. Otherwise, you don’t NEED to spend as much as I did, I just choose to eat at nice restaurants.

Average per day: $13.25

Transportation: $52.80

Mojca was kind enough to drive me around to most of the places we visited in the country. I only paid for my bus into Ljubljana and my train to Zagreb. Both were very reasonably priced and exceptionally comfortable. I love European trains!

Average per Day: $10.56

Slovenia - Cave - Park Skocjanske Jame-12

Site Seeing/Entrance Fees: $20

Most of Slovenia’s best features are free: its mountain ranges, its hiking, its city strolling. I only paid once for an entrance fee and that was $15 to enter the Park Skocjanske Jame cave. Totally worth the investment even though I felt I was going to be crushed over rocks and darkness forever.

Average per Day: $4

Souvenirs: $2.40

Postcards. Always postcards. I don’t even know if I really need this section any more because the only souvenir I’m ever going to buy are postcards. I don’t send them. Just store them and bring them home to put in my binder.

Average per Day: $0.48

Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene-owl art

Internet & Misc.: $9.33

Oh the mysterious miscellaneous column. What ever falls into this category? This time it was the cost of an umbrella. It was raining when I arrived in Ljubljana and I really did not want to wander in the rain, so I invested in an umbrella. I do believe this is the 5th umbrella I’ve purchased while abroad. I should just start to carry one around with me. They always do come in handy.

Average per Day: $1.87


Grand Total: $150.80

Average per Day: $30.16

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  1. Chrystal, what a wonderful helpful website you have!! Very informative, its helping me a lot planning my 6-month travelling plans!


    Osmar Machado


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