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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Mexico, North America, Photo of the Week, Photos

Photo of the Week: Graffiti Buggy in Oaxaca

Oaxaca Mexico - Graffitti Buggy

Street life is a favourite of mine. This buggy is a reason why.

I rarely photograph street life. I find when I take out my camera and start snapping, locals start to avoid the “tourist”. When I simply stop and watch as life hurries around me, I get a greater feel for the city and the people I am in the midst of. Street life brings the normal back into travel – I notice the similarities to home; crying kids and caring mothers, sweethearts swinging clasped hands, and friends deep in conversation. Street life shows me the parallel parking skills of locales and lets me notice the cultural norms of distance, closeness, and tone of voice.

Street life also brings funny things to my attention. Like this graffiti buggy. I’m not sure if it is a functioning car, but I liked its spunk. The locals walked past it barely spotting anything out of the ordinary – maybe this is ordinary to them. To me it stands out as a whimsical feature to Oaxaca.