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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in RTW, Travel Info

Christmas Gifts For a Traveller

Christmas Gifts for Travellers

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The time when everybody embraces their giving spirit and trades wrapped and bow-tied boxes with each other. Yes – It’s Christmas time. And this Christmas, if you’re feeling extra generous you should buy these gifts for the traveller in your life.

And since I am a traveller, I figure I’ll make a list of the things I want for Christmas because they’d make great gifts for me too! And lets start with the smaller, wallet-friendlier gifts and work our way up to the generosity of my millionaire friends why don’t we?


Trail Wallet – $1.99

I already have this INCREDIBLE App but I wanted to share the magnificence of it to all other travellers. My friends Simon & Erin over at NeverEndingVoyage and officially released their App. And it is the best one a traveller could have. It is a budgeting app that works in all currencies. You set up your daily budget, your currency, and then add all of your expenses into categories and the App does the rest. It has Pie graphs to visually see how your expenses are divided and tracks daily AND monthly total expenses, and informs you if you’re are over/under budget. Give the gift of Budgeting – Every traveller appreciates it!

Amazon gift certificates

Kindle Books (Amazon Gift card) – $10

Since I already own a Kindle (Pretty much the best gift you could ever give – Got mine last year) I need to keep adding content to it since planes, trains, buses, and layovers can be long and I love nothing more than to be engrossed in a thrilling book. Since it is easier to ask for a gift card that to specify exact books – an Amazon Gift card would do any traveller wonders. (Or Indigo gift cards for those who own a Kobo)


eBag Packing Cubes – $21

Best. Packing. Idea. Ever. That is right – these things make packing more fun. Maybe fun isn’t the right word, but they certainly do make it easier to both pack and stay organized while on the road. I currently have the large set but would love to have the original set, or set of 3 small. Since I traveller to warm countries more often than not, I have less material to my clothes and the smaller cubes make it easier to keep my tops, bottoms, undies, and accessories all separated in their own coloured cube. I wish they sold a rainbow-coloured pack – that way I could more easily identify what the content of each cube is without having to pull them out. Oh the woes of a well-organized traveller.

scratch away travel map

Scratch Away Travel Map – $24

I love keeping track of my travels (thus the blog) and this map makes seeing what percentage of the world I’ve had the extreme pleasure of exploring makes it even more fun. This isn’t the gift for a nomadic traveller, but if you have a home base, or like me – who’s parents still maintain a bedroom in the house for you, it makes an very entertaining gift. Every time you return you’ll be racing to the map to scratch away and expand you’re coloured zone! I choose to live in a vividly colourful world. How about you?


SteriPEN Water Purifier – $78

Water is good for me. Plastic bottles are bad for the world. This SteriPEN has solved all my travel woes. This water purifier allows me to carry a water bottle with me and never worry about the quality of water I am drinking. It also helps that in the end it saves me a lot of money. At $2/bottle I’m harming my budget and the environment. Bad combo. This gift saves: my health, my budget, and the earth.


Pacsafe Anti-theft bag protector – $80

Sometimes hostels don’t have lockers. I try to avoid such hostels, but sometimes they are the only option. And what about those long bus journeys I’ve spent intwined with my backpack straps to guarantee I wake up with my items still in my possession? This pacsafe Anti-theft bag protector would give me more peace of mind knowing that my luggage is safe while I’m out exploring the world and while I’m trying to sleep while travelling. This item would make any traveller feel better protected.

LOKI Morf Zip Up Hoodie in Treetop

LOKI Morf Zip Up Hoodie in Treetop – $89

Coolest Sweater Ever. It has a both flip on/off Mittens & Face Shield. This sweater has inner fleece to keep my warm and if it gets even chillier? Well I just flip that face shield over my mouth and toss my cold fingers into the hide-away mittens. And it comes in 5 great colours – but Green is my favourite. If you want a multi-tasking sweater this one is for you.


Priority Pass, Standard Plus – $249

Travelling a lot means spending many hours on layovers in airports. And what better way to spend time in an airport than in a priority lounge? With the help of this little fellow, you could stay in lounges around the world regardless of the airline or class of ticket you hold. Making those layovers that much more enjoyable means you can relax in comfort or work effectively without having to balance your laptop on your lap. A little luxury for the budget traveller.


Sigma Wide Angle 10-20mm Lens – $429

Any traveller with an SLR camera would love a new lens. Since they don’t come cheap – receiving them as a gift would be exciting and budget-friendly (at least for the traveller). For me, as a lover of wide-angle photographer, this Sigma lens would be a great addition for me. Beautiful photos without producing a fish-eye effect. Once it goes on my Canon it might not come off.

The Roman Amphitheatre in Side, Turkey

Photo Credit to

Trip to Side, Turkey – Priceless

Although I love a snowy Canadian Christmas, flying away to the beautiful seaside city of Side, Turkey on the 26th is definitely something I’d love to receive as a gift. Who wouldn’t like to get away? Travellers wanting to travel? A beach side city in the Antalya Region with proximity to one of my favourite things: Ruins – the Roman amphitheatre in Side to be precise – Yeah, that is a wonderful break from the chilly Canadian weather.


And there you have it. The top 10 things to buy a traveller for Christmas. Or more precisely, THIS Traveller. Happy Holidays and have fun shopping for the ones you love!

What Would You Gift a Travelling Friend?



  1. Love the packing cubes! They seem so simple, yet I love the idea of being able to organize my backpack a bit more, and separate out different kinds of clothing.

    Can you drink tap water anywhere by using the water purifier? That’s pretty impressive.

    • They are incredibly simple yet perfect for all packing needs. But like I said – I want MORE packing power and need to purchase more little cubes!

      I’m pretty sure you can drink the water anywhere? They haves videos on their websites describing the details of the product. I just know I can drink water again!