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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Mexico, North America, Photo of the Week, Photos

Photo of the Week: Yawning Iguana

Mexico - Tulum Ruins- Iguana Yawning

Open Wide!

This little guy is my favourite photo of my entire Mexico trip. He was sitting there all stealth at the Tulum ruins. Had another tourist not pointed him out I would of completely missed him, but instead I crouched low and worked my new Canon 18-135mm lens to get the photo without frightening my new iguana friend. I just converted over to a canon Ti Rebel and bought the zoom lens – I still carry my Canon ELPH3000 point and shoot and highly recommend it – but I have been reading avidly about photography and decided it was time to upgrade my camera and see what I could do with it.

This photo makes every penny invested in the camera worth it to me. I love this photo and it makes me smile and the Iguana’s apparent disinterest in me – I don’t think I’m the first tourist he’s encountered and I certainly won’t be the last. He’s a real player when it comes to charming us lady photographers, I think he’d snag a few male ones as well. Just look at that face.

I’m smitten with him…and my new camera.