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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Mexico, My Week on Instagram, North America, Photos

My Week on Instagram – 3 Nov 2012

agua azul Mexico

I’ve been in Mexico for 3 weeks now but surprising I’ve let my instagramming fall. Since I now own a fancier camera than a point and shoot I’ve been going snap happy with that – and my ipod camera is put in my bag anxiously waiting to be used – but it remains waiting. Since I don’t travel with a cellphone the instinct to have it as an extended appendage to my hand is not there so unless I spot somebody else with one out it completely slips my mind. But – here is what I DID manage to capture this week on instagram!

Instagram offers a quick way to interact with others in a completely visual way. The photos are often simple, but always appear more real to me than photos uploaded anywhere else – This is life through an Iphone – not the perfect camera with the perfect lens – Your phone camera. Everybody takes the photos with their phones in the instant – some people are amazing, but most people are normal people who simple press the Snap Photo Button and magic happens. Filters Help.

Instagram: @chrystalclear_


So without further adieu, here is My Week on Instagram: 3 November 2012. 

agua azul Mexico

Agua Azul Waterfalls, Palenque, Mexico

Starting my week I found myself in Palenque Mexico. It is but a blip  the map which is used as a transfer point between the Yucutan and Chiapas. But Palenque has lots to offer from ruins; waterfalls; hiking. Leaving Tulum and slowly winding my way upward in the mountains, the scenery went from beaches and sunburns to lush forest and waterfalls. This is Agua Azul National Park. I took a day trip here. The whole park is waterfalls after waterfalls. Yeah they were great but my favourite memory is playing shithead next to the falls and loser gets shoved in. I won all 3 games. I thoroughly enjoyed the fright of those who were pushed into the cold waters of Agua Azul. Karma will get me sooner of later.

Palenque Ruins, Mexico

Raining in the Palenque Ruins, Mexico

I stayed at El Panchan in Palenque which is right outside the entrance to the National Park. A quick flag to a collectivo and 10 pesos later I found myself at the entrance to the ruins. But I should of looked up because the sky was darkening and the clouds were swirling in a threatening manner – but it was not just a threat because the majority of the day was spent in a constant sheet of rain. I hid out in the central temple listening to a tour group of British elderly’s being touted and ripped off.

Canon del Sumidero, Mexico

Canon del Sumidero, Mexico

This is one of the reasons I came to mexico – the Canon del Sumidero. It is such a natural beautiful. I couldnt help but be reminded of Lord of the Rings – All It needed was two giant statues and it would be perfect. The canon is filled with wildlife from birds to crocodiles.

Chemula Cemetery

The coloured Crosses of Chemula Cemetery

I went to Chemula as a day trip from San Cristobal. The city is known for its church and the religion of the people – they sacrifice chickens. The people of the city were dressed up and trailing behind a band heading to the church. I felt intrusive do did not enter the church. Further away is this old church surrounded by graves and each cross is a different colour to represent a different form of passing.

oaxaca church in Mexico

A typical street in Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca is by far my favourite city in Mexico – it is a grid city where on each corner is a church. The people are easy going and the city is always bustling. I spent many days in this city simply walking the streets – not caring which way I went just entranced by the cities movement and feel.

cannon the hostel dog, Los Amigos Hostel, Oaxaca, Mexico

Cannan the Los Amigos Hostel Dog – ADORABLE

This is Cannon – the extremely hyper but giant cuddler of a dog. He lives on the roof of Los Amigos Hostel in Oaxaca, Mexico. Every day I went upstairs to play with Cannon and take him out of his crate. He’d run around and around in hostels body checking everybody until he worn himself out then would come in for a cuddle and hours of ear scratching. Life was easy.

Monte Alban Ruins, Oaxaca, Mexico

Monte Alban Ruins, Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca sits in a large valley with mountains surrounding. Up on one of the hills are the ruins of Monte Alban. The ruin has incredible carvings but my cameras lens is not a wide angle and I couldn’t capture it all. Again, it rains slightly, but most of the day I sat at the top of the stairs watching all the school kids taking their ruin tour. They jumped on rocks, laughing, and singing.

And that is my week on Instagram. I’ll try to improve my record of instagramming to have more to share with all of you next week! Stay tuned!


  1. Very cool photos. The Monte Alban ruins in particular look like something I would love to check out!

    • They were built across the top of the plain on a mountain. Such views! Do you have an affinity for ruins as well?