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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Europe, Photo Diary, Photos, Slovenia

Photo Diary: Artsy Ljubljana

Slovenia - Ljubljana- Art on the bridge

When I arrived in Ljubljana I did not know what to expect. I knew I was headed to a small capital city that every other blog post I’d ever read waxed poetic about. Castles, Bridges, and Dragons were all part of the cities charm. But the thing that captured my enthusiasm was the cities artistic exposure. I had no idea I would meet the Artsy Ljubljana.

With each wander through the city centre I was met with different forms of artistic expression: graffiti, statues, visual displays, posters, and music alike. The city had something to share with me around each corner. For a person who dislikes museums, Ljubljana’s ability to showcase art freely throughout the city, with no pretence of payment or expected enjoyment, was thrilling. I am not one for the arts – unless it is abstract – so everything I passed in the city was exciting and opened me to my sense of curiosity. I let it take the lead.


Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- graffiti

Slovenia - Ljubljana- Graffiti Face peaking around Corner


Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- Masks

Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- statue on bridge Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- Statue


Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- Bridge Light Installation

Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- Lights Glowing on Bridge Installation

Ljubljana Slovenia - Art Scene - Friends in Light Installation

Store Design

Slovenia - Ljubljana- Colourful Cafes

Expressions of Love

Ljubljana Slovenia - art scene- Lock Bridge

Slovenia - Ljubljana - Rose on Lock Bridge

All this art, in many forms, were all part of the reason that Ljubljana and Slovenia as a country captured my heart. The easy expression and the Fluid Acceptance of every person who enters their country. Slovenia has nothing but love to share.