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Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Photo of the Week, Photos

Photo of the Week: Doggy and a Dam

Thunder Bay Canada - Cresent Lake Hike - Beaver Dam

If home has taught me anything – its that nature is beautiful.

While out hiking around Thunder Bay I headed up Mt.McKay, the mountain just 15 minutes from the centre. I wanted to hike behind it to explore some of the other mountains. We followed unmarked paths hoping not to get lost.

And then we arrived at the end of a path to an area that was devoid of trees; It appeared desolate. Until we looked closer. All the trees stumps were gnawed into points – the tell-tale sign of beavers! And like a good Canadian we went in search of their home: the Dam.

Scotia, my husky, found it first. She was tramping through the muddy swamp as we balanced on rocks large enough not to sink to the bottom of the swamp. When I looked up as I clung to one of the only remaining trees, I spotted with a silly grin on her face happy to of found the Dam.

We came in pretty loud so no beavers were spotted. Just spotting this incredibly large and well constructed dam was enough to make my day!