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Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Photo of the Week, Photos

Photo of the Week: Bird Carvings in Dominican Republic

dominican Republic - Punta Cana - Colourful Bird Carvings - Souvenirs

I went to Dominican Republic for 1 week to work as destination staff. Each day a different excursion took place and a few of the staff tagged along. I went on the Jeep Safari. At least partially – I made it to the sugar cane plantation and then had to return home due to sick students. But, before I left I snapped this photo of a boy whittling wood to create the beautiful birds hanging around him.

I ask him in Spanish “How long does it take to make one?”
“1 hour to carve and 1 hour to paint. I don’t paint. I just carve”
“They are beautiful, who taught you to make them?”
“My father has always done it, I wanted to learn, so he taught me”
“Do you go to school?”
“Yes, but today is a holiday, so I come here and work. Making them is fun”

And I left him to his carvings. I was drawn to the beautiful colours of the painted birds, but the work he put into them was intriguing. I wish I could of stayed to watch him carve a little longer. I was happy I met this boy. This boy who loved to carve wooden birds.



  1. I’m fully loving the colours on the birds – and interesting that the boy was so into making them. Did you buy one of the birds, I wonder? Would make a great souvenir!
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    • thanks! Yeah, first time in awhile I’ve met somebody who LOVES their job. haha. I did NOT buy one sadly as I had to rush back to help the girl. I’ll go back someday though.

  2. These are really pretty. It’s lovely that he enjoys his work so much he does it during the holidays!

  3. Amazing, I was sure it would take longer. How great is it that he enjoys it :)