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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Croatia, Europe

Orange in Hvar

Oh Hvar – You shine so bright. Hvar has a fortress on a hill that dominates the cities backdrop and oozes with history. I love me a fortress on a hill – especially one that affords me this Orange rooftop and ocean view. Hello Adriadic. Now – I spy with my little eye something that is Orange. 

Like every good castle/church/palace/fortress/ruin lover – if it is up on a hill, it is that much more alluring. It demands attention and respect. It emits power; standing unyielding to any and all who dare defy its city.

But as grandiose as the fortress is – up on a hill is also the part that I have issues with. Up on a hill means stairs. And in this case, a lot of stairs. I am never pleased with stairs. But trudge up them I most certainly will!

Once I reach the top I am granted with breath-taking views of Hvar city and the Adriadic Sea. I am stunned at its beauty and its glimmer in the bright summer sun. Looking down at Hvar Town my eyes are met by hundreds of orange roofs reflecting back. White sail boats dotting the clear blue waters surrounding sea. And no view is complete without a token tiny islands spotting the distant waters off to the horizon. A horizon that is a blend of blues – both ocean and sky. They meet in a blurry line that makes the view appear endless.

Standing atop the fortress turret I see seagulls swooping around the harbour and soaring high to align with the endless horizon. A cool breeze gusts strongly every few minutes bringing a welcome respite from the golden Croatian sun beating down on me.

Fun Fact: Hvar Island is the sunniest destination in all of Croatia – receiving 2724 hours of sunlight a year! Talk about a little piece of sunny heaven?

I spend hours standing in the fortress. Taking it all in. I spot boats racing across the Adriadic leaving stark white trails in their wake. You can trace their paths – they create criss-cross patterns as they pass eachother.

Standing tall from within the city are the tiered steeples of the churches. Three of them stand proud – can you spot them? I hear their bells chime out when it strikes 12 and I realize I’ve been mesmerized by the city for 2 hours now!

Eye Spy With my Little Eye Something that is Orange

I bask in the sun this cloudless day and inhale the salty air. I found a place that radiates; the orange roofs, the white boats, the ocean blues and greens, the clear skies. Everything shines and delights my eyes.

I walk outside the fortress and found a nice stone to make my seat. Its protected from the sun from trees. With a view of Hvar city, a cool breeze, and rainbows sparkling on the waves of the Adriatic – I know I’ve found a special place. I spent a relaxing hour simply staring off again. I don’t think I’ve wasted ANY time. I’m taking everything in. Trying to engrave this scene into my brain. Its almost perfect.

Down below in the city – it glows white. The walls and the stone roads are made of marble slabs. Which also happens to be very slippery to walk on – so I slip a few times – but no spills for this Canadian today! I smell lavender in the air – stalls are selling all types of lavender scented goods – as fresh lavender is aplenty in the surrounding region of Hvar. I am tempted to buy some but settle for sitting really close to a stall and inhaling the relaxing scent.

There is a reason Hvar town is the most popular island in the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. It is simply stunning. And the prices certainly reflect that. This is not a budget-friendly place. The city and harbour are dotted with hip bars, nightclubs, Luxury hotels, and restaurants. But a day-trip here doesn’t stretch my limits. I bought cheese, bread, and grapes from the market and munch on that for lunch to keep those costs down and my energy up.

Did you spot anything Orange in Enchanting Hvar?


  1. love Hvar. love your photos! have a house on Hvar in village of Sveta Nedjelja. You should come there some time.

    • WOW! What an offer! I will surely take you up on such kindness when I return to Hvar. hopefully sooner rather than later – I did love it there!