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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Fri Fotos, Photos

#FriFotos – The BEST

#FriFotos theme this week is in lieu of the LOndon Olymics and is – The Best. Although I will be one of those people NOT watching the Olympics – I DO have a lot of things that I think are The Best. So what are they? Come take a LOOK

Above is a photo of the BEST dog in the whole wide world – my Husky Scotia.She is pretty to look at, soft to touch, hilarious to be around, and the best doggy to give my love to.

The BEST FRIEND in the world – Jeannie. No matter how many kilometres are between us and how long we go without communicating – every time we meet up, good times are guarantee’d to ensue and laughing til I cry is assumed. She visited me in Asia and I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion!

To the BEST MUD FIGHT I’ve ever had. While in Klong Khone Thailand we went to visit the monkeys but what we found was incredible mud surfing. This clearly led to mud fights and a highly unexpectedly fun evening!

The BEST INCONSPICUOUS HIDING PLACE. See – it is no good you can’t even spot me! But I’m in there – getting my Buddha on. I love the rows upon rows of Buddhas found in the temples in Asia – this hiding place was found in Vientiane Laos.

The BEST PLACE TO ACT LIKE A CHILD AGAIN would be at the BEST place on earth – Disneyland! But this Disneyland is Special – it is the Disneyland located in Tokyo Japan! It was an a day of freedom and childish whims.

To the BEST RAINBOW STAIRCASE I’ve ever set my eyes on. I love COLOURS and this beautiful stairscase mesmerized me. Found in the rainbow city of Valparaiso Chile, this staircase was one of the most exciting things I encountered – each step up made me feel a little more like I was in the Willy Wonka Factory and at the top I would find mountains of Nerds and Gobstoppers!

So that ends THE BEST of things for this Fridays #FriFotos! I had fun finding the BEST in my life.

What are some of THE BEST things in YOUR LIFE?