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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Fri Fotos, Photos

#FriFotos – Summertime

As I sit here typing this my mind is outside. The beautiful blue skies and lush greens that make Thunder Bay a beautiful place to be in Summertime. So with this weeks #FriFotos theme being summertime – I felt I would share some of my favourite summertime memories of Thunder Bay Canada my home, and the perpetual summertime I’ve been chasing for the last 3 years.

Summer time to me elicits thoughts of Bright Blues and Greens. Sunny Days without a cloud in the sky and carefree wanderings.

Taking a hike with my Husky, Scotia in Kakabeka Provincial Park, Canada. My friend Erin worked at the Park one summer and gave us a tour around the Waterfalls.

Whenever I return home to Thunder Bay I spend my days walking my Husky Scotia. She is the happiest of Huskies and certainly loves her walks! I was relaxing in the grass and she was circling me waiting to continue our adventure!

One of my most recent summer memories – last week to be precise – was in Meteora Greece. I hiked the mountains to see all the monasteries. I found this spot where the flowers were in bloom with a perfect lookout to a monastery in the background.

While taking my Balkan Roadtrip tour, our guide made special stops at the beach for us each lunchtime. We ate fresh seafood after taking a refreshing dip in the Adriatic Sea.

When my mother visited me in Santiago, Chile we stayed at GEN Suites hotel which had an INCREDIBLE rooftop infinite pool.

Hvar is by far one of my favourite cities I’ve ever visited. And the clear waters of the harbours held the boats waiting to leave for a day at sea.

And the one thing that summertime always reminds me of is temple hopping in Angkor Wat, Cambodia with my best friend Jeannie – its also the time I almost killed her. Whoops.


  1. Wow, those are some super travel-inspiring photos :) And your dog is a honey!

    • why Thank You! Have you been to any of these destinations? and Scotia is my favourite thing in the WHOLE world!

  2. Lovely photos. Your dog is a beautiful looking Husky. I love taking my dog for a walk as well. It gives her so much pleasure. Canada is one of my favourite countries. It has such natural beauty, and like Australia – SPACE. We spent 2 months in Canada but did not visit Thunder Bay. It sounds familiar so I am thinking it was on my wish list but we could not fit it in. I am going now to read about how you nearly killed your friend!

    • Thanks Jan! She IS a wonderful doggy. She is the only person I miss when I am away – because I cannot speak to her on the phone or communicate in any manner while I am away! I can’t wait to visit Australia one day – my friend lives in Townsville so I’ll be heading there!! Thunder Bay isn’t a popular destination – but there is a lot to see if you have a local with a car!!

      • I like visiting out of the way places. Fancy you having a friend in Townsville. Did you meet them on the road? Let me know when you are coming!