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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Fri Fotos, Photos

#FriFotos – Lakes

This weeks #FriFotos is one of my favourite things: Lakes! I have always been a champion of lakes over beaches. Why? Because I love fresh water – and Canada is cholk-full of fresh water Lakes. Some of my favourite travel moments have been on lakes all around the world – from the highest lake in the world to the largest fresh water source in the world! So here is my FriFotos dedicated to Lakes.

The top image was on Isla del Sol in Bolivia. I spent New Years on the island located at one of the highest lakes in the world – Lake Titicaca. Although my lungs protested with every step from the lack of oxygen, I hiked the island to see the ruins. This flower ring was an offering to the gods. Locals were placing them on prominent rocks around the Island.

Plitvice Lakes National Park was a destination I’d dreamed of exploring. I built up all these beautiful images in my mind – I created a wonderful. When I arrived, I almost let my imagination and expectations ruin the natural beauty of the destination. But that green water did draw me in.

Oh Madrid – Your beautiful city centre Parque de Buen Retiro. It is perfectly located and offers great day walks, and an easy escape from the hectic city happenings. The locals enjoyed this beautiful April day and rode paddle boats around the lake. I was secretly hoping a sexy local would demand to take me for a ride – but no such luck this day.

When you think of countries with rich cultures and strong histories, than Japan should certainly form a bubble in your mind. For such a small island, the country sure packs a lot in. While in Kyoto, I spent days riding bikes, and going where ever my feet would take me to visit every temple I could. One of the temples that stood out the most was Kinkaku-ji or The Temple of the Golden Pavilion – it sits in the middle of this lake – ok its a pond – but it is still a beautiful sight.

Being Canadian means I have to represent. This is the Toronto skyline as seen from Toronto Island. And the body of water? Why that is Lake Ontario – one of the 5 great fresh water lakes!

So I appear to be getting lose with the term “Lake”. This is a lagoon in the South Western part of Bolivia. It was such a beautiful sight with the volcano in the back, the bright blues of the water, and the clouds placing themselves perfectly to appear like the volcano is giving a puff!

Slovenia is one of my new favourite countries and one of the reasons is its natural beauty. This is Lake Bohinj. It is close to the famous Lake Bled but is much quieter and a more relaxing experience. With the Julian Alps peaking out behind, it is a wonderland.

And that is my Lakes #FriFotos round-up.

What are YOUR favourite Lakes in our World?