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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Croatia, Europe

Dubrovnik From Within


I had no plans for Dubrovnik. I just wanted to BE in the city. There was no specific activities I wanted to do, foods I needed to eat, or sights I needed the see. It was the city itself; Dubrovnik; that I wanted to be apart of. To wander around aimlessly, to watch the boats pulling into the harbour, and take in the history of the city. And that is EXACTLY what I did.

The old city is compact. Protected by the old walls. You can walk to everything and maps are mostly useless. You can ask anybody or simply look up and see signs pointing to all the major sights. So I wandered. Sans map. And can’t remember a more beautiful day in a city.

The main road is the widest and along it are most of the major sights. And it is where the beauty is. White marble glimmers around you. Churchs, statues, pillars, and fountains. Walking Dubrovnik feels like you are within a museum. Everything is so beautiful and so well preserved.

The city was shelled many times and this left holes in 2 out of 3 roofs.. Those orange tiled roofs are almost completely restored. But, this restoration of such an incredible city made me realize the importance of beautiful places, and why restorations can help keep the history of our world, our people, our cities, alive. Dubrovnik is a perfect example of how beautiful our world is, but it has its own tumultuous history – and one that always needs to be shared.

And like every tourist destination – I try to avoid the tourists. How best to do that? You get up early. I woke around 6am and made it to the city by 6:30. Its a long walk down the hill from where my rented apartment is. But the apartment with that view and an affordable price was so worth the hike!

I knew the city would swell with people. Tourists coming in from cruise ships and people visiting for the day. I wanted to see the city more peacefully. I didn’t want to fend off the hoards of tourists or the glares they give. I know I am a tourist – but I am not a forceful one. I don’t like the crowds any more than they do – I just know how to get around them. So early rising and morning walks it is. And the city sparkled. I’d like to think just for me!

What makes Dubrovnik feel more like a museum are all the small details. The city is a museum, but the details are the pieces. They add such flare to an already beautiful city. If you let yourself explore the city in micro – you’ll see just as many features as taking the city in its Macro orange tiled, walled-in, white marble glory. Details. Look at the details.

Did you notice the details within Dubrovnik?





  1. We do that a lot – just explore a city without any real idea of where we’re going or what we want to see. We just kind of wander around, take photos of things that capture our eye, get a coffee, and then try to find a harbor to ogle the boats. 😛

    • It is a really great way to just feel the city. Experience how the people live – you learn a lot by doing nothing!

  2. Beautiful photos Chrystal! We loved our time in Dubrovnik as well. And it was absolutely the details that “make it”. Could have wandered around there for days!

    • I cannot wait to return to the city – those details are endless. I feel like I didn’t even see a quarter of what the city offers!

  3. Gorgeous shots and I’m totally jealous. We haven’t made it to Dubrovnik yet, but it is high on our list!

    • Thank You! You’ll have to fit it in – it is such a surreal destination!

  4. Four years ago I jumped across the pond and made Dubrovnik my home. I am still finding the details of hidden gems today.

    • Well I think you might be the luckiest person I’ve met recently! That sounds Incredible to make it your Home!