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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Europe, Italy, Photo Diary, Photos

Photo Diary: The #2 Vaporetto in Venice

One of the easiest and more affordable ways to see Venice is via Vaporetto – or water taxis. The #2 is a Grand Tour of Venice hitting up the Grand Canel and the Canel of Guidecca. Here is what you’ll experience via the 17 stops of Vaporette #2. All for the reasonable price of 6.50€ (or 18€ for unlimited rides in 72 hours!)





I hope you enjoyed the 17 stops along the Vaporetto #2 in Venice as much as I did. I also continued to sit at the front on the return trip as well. With unlimited travel and a beautiful city – I figured it was worth the relaxing manner of travelling.

Venice is best seen on the water – So hop on Vaporette #2!





  1. We’ve only been on a water taxi once (Ischia Island in Italy), but never in Venice. I can’t wait to visit the city; it’s so iconic, and I’d love to explore the canals (and for so cheap!).

    • The canals are so incredible. The vaporetto is DEFINITELY the best way to see the city and all it has to offer. Do you have plans to visit Venice soon?

    • At 80 Euro a pop I wasn’t even considering a gondola ride. The vaporetto was affordable and incredible! Excellent choice for travel in the expensive city!

  2. Glad to have discovered your travel blog today! Great photos here :)

    • Thanks! And all I can say is WOW – Its a grand achievement in this bloggers blogging life to have YOU come to my blog! 😀