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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Europe, Slovenia

Ljubljana – I sLOVEnia You


Ljubljana – I sLOVEnia you. It is a simple statement – yet it holds so much emotion. Ljubljana is a brilliant capital city that encompasses so much of what makes Slovenia a wonderful country. It has architecture, friendly locals, a street cafe style, and a wonderful downtown to walk through (no cars allowed). I’ve never asked much of cities – but Ljubljana blew my expectations away with its small town punch.


Ljubljana is tiny. 200,000 people tiny. That is minuscule in comparison to other capitals of the world. But I think that is a major reason I enjoyed it so thoroughly. Big cities are tedious, loud, stressful, and filled with traffic. Ljubljana is the complete opposite – splendid, quaint, relaxing, and pedestrian-friendly.

And lets get this out of the way. I’ve already written the capitals name 5 times. Ljubljana. And every time I bet you have pronounced it as it is spelled – with hard English J’s. It is actually pronounced lyoo-BLYAH-na. Now we all can stop staring in confusion at a word that puts the letters B-L-J in a row. I made the mistake many a time myself.

When I visited the capital – I was there to visit – but I also had the intention of scoping the city out. See, I have a friend, Spencer, who is considering moving here – I wanted to make sure I could give him the A-OK to make that move. Also – I wanted to make sure when he does move here I’d want to come back to visit! Selfish but oh so true! Now that I’ve been, I may just have to move WITH him. I liked it THAT much.

So what is it? Why is this city so spellbinding? It has to do with the river that flows steadily through the town. The bridges that provide crossing in threes or with decorative dragons. The winding streets lined with pastel coloured buildings with façades reflecting different periods in the city’s history. All the streets lined with tables, chairs, and parasols, waiting for you to enjoy a cup of cappuccino and discuss the days events.

Ljubljana just has that something that makes me feel truly happy. As I sat at a cafe enjoying a fruit smootie and a chocolate dream cake watching the locals stroll through the parks, I felt content.


Locals were smiling as they walked around. Nobody seemed rushed, and the only sounds to break the silence were birds and laughter. This truly is a place I want to live in.


And when the sun goes down the stars come out. It is a city you can see the stars in. That means a lot to a country loving girl like me. And the city glows with art. This art instalment was in the centre of town crossing a bridge. We walked through the lights and white a few times laughing and enjoying the city by night. The city was still peaceful but had a new vibrancy. A new life.


Day or Night Ljubljana – I sLOVEnia You!


  1. How beautiful…it’s seriously a wonder why Eastern Europe isn’t a more popular travel destination!!

    • It IS stunning. I think it is popular in its own right – depending on the age group or type of traveller. But not in comparison to Western Europe. It SHOULD be though – You’re right.

  2. I’ve would have never thought Slovenia was so beautiful. I really want to go now. Thanks.

  3. They prohibit cars AND people walk by smiling and laughing AND you can see the stars AND it is so full of color? Yeah, I think I can understand why you would want to move there.

    • It is one of the more serene cities I’ve been to in my lifetime!

  4. Great pics and post! I travelled there in January with my boyfriend, lots of snow and it was absolutely beautiful…could see how amazing it would be in the summer. Defo going back at some point!