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Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Europe, Italy

Duomo Duomo Duom-OH!

I’ve been excited to visit the Duomo is Milan since I first saw a photo of it while doing a project on Milan in Grade 4. Being a lover of churches, I love their open interiors, their high vaulted ceilings, their grandiose. The Duomo is a cream-of-the-crop church. Needless to say I was expecting stars. I walked inside and went hmmm…?. I was worried! Had I churched myself out? Could it be? Had I finally seen it all? Not even close.

The Duomo has a white exterior with thin spires extending their reach high into the sky. I knew the magnificence of the Duomo wasn’t its interior. The interior is nice and the Duomo itself is very large, but the Duomo’s claim to fame is its rooftop. And this rooftop made my jaw drop.

After 165 steps to the roof (mostly because I’m too cheap to pay for the lift and a little more effort makes finally reaching the top all the more gratifying. And it was.


I arrived huffing and puffing, but I stopped the instant I had a view of the spires. In long rows, the length of the church, they form intricate geometric patterns, and dazzle the eyes. Each one is carved into sharp points and topped by a marble saint.

Once fully ontop of the church, the spires form a grand line-up leading to the Madonnina, the central statue and protector of the Duomo and the city of Milan.


The inside had SOME redeeming qualities – such as a dead church members body and an INCREDIBLE statue. Probably one of the most unique statues I’ve ever seen. Creepy and prophetic all in one.


Does the Duomo’s roof make you go OH?



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