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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Europe, Italy

A Night in Milan: Ruins, Wine, and a Good Time!


I flew into Milan, Italy. It was my first stop after Morocco. I’ve been to Italy before. But only on a 2 week guided tour bus that visited BOTH Italy and Greece. 2 weeks doesn’t do any country justice. Especially not two powerhouse countries such as Italy and Greece. I arrived and found my hostel – Zebra Hostel – and met my bunkmates – 4 Canadians, 5 Brits, and 2 Americans. Our first night in town was filled with what I expected Italy to be: Ruins and Wine.

The British girls told us about a bar next to Ruins. The Colonne di San Lorenzo to be exact. They are Roman columns located next to Basilica of San Lorenzo that were moved here in the 4th century. That is over 1500 years old!

We weren’t just going to see these ruins. We actually didn’t know they were there. They were a splendid surprise. We were there to drink. The area is surrounded by bars that serve cheap alcohol and everybody gathers and sits in the plaza next to the church and the ruins and spends the evening drinking and laughing. This is how Milan is supposed to be enjoy. Beautiful weather of 20 degrees, lights illuminating fantastic history, and laughter filling the air.

Public drinking is allowed in Italy. And with the police along side the columns watching all the youth drinking to their hearts content. I knew it wasn’t a myth to get the foreigners into trouble.

Milan is the capital of fashion and finances. There is more to Milan that money. There are Ruins, Wine, and Good Times. This was how I dreamed Italy would be.

Thank you Milan for introducing Italy to me again is such a chivalrous manner.


  1. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about Milan, nice to know there’s more to do than shopping.
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    • I kept reading terrible things as well – but there was more the city had to offer. But I wouldn’t be spending 3 weeks here that is for certain.