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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Eat, Europe, Italy, Photo Diary, Photos

A Gelato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

While in Italy – I spent my days gorging myself on an Italian speciality – Gelato! From Lemon to Dark Chocolate, I savoured it all. And then I realized my Gelato was special. So I photographed him everywhere I enjoyed him! Here are my Italian days spent eating Gelato!

In San Marco’s Basilica in Venice, Italy. Early morning Gelato – 7am to be precise – where the woman asked me why I was buying Gelato so early – I told her I was leaving and asked why do you sell it so early? She said it’s actually “Late” – for the after party people. Wow 7am after drinking gelato snack. I’ll keep that in mind. A scoop of Cherry & Black current yogurt and another of dark chocolate. Mmm Mm good.

I find myself drawn to the colour green and magical looking bridges. I found both at my stop at the Realto Bridge in Venice, Italy. On a hot day where the skies finally turned blue after days of grey – I rejoiced with a Gelato of a scoop of Lemon to refresh my palate and Raspberries & Cream to delight my senses. This Gelato made for the perfect treat on a splendid sunny day!

Honestly – if you haven’t figured out that I am a huge fan of colours and their contrasts you might be colour blind. Which I don’t fault you for. But my Gelato was melting at the same rate as I was sweating after hiking 2 hours from Monterossi to Vernazza, in the CInque Terre, Italy! But GEE GOLLY was it ever worth it! Vernazza is a quaint city of bright colours and a welcoming breeze off the harbour. Enjoyed myself a Gelato of one scoop Strawberry and another scoop of Passionfruit. The colours inspired me to match my gelato to my surroundings!

And finally after an hour boat ride to Burano, Italy; the island known for its rainbow legoland feel; I celebrated with yes, a delicious gelato. Walking the main pathway was stressful with the sheer number of tourists around – so I turned off a side street and voila – not a tourist in sight. Only children playing, woman hanging laundry, and men discussing who knows what but with full hand emphasis. Burano was a pleasant place that again mesmerized me with its cheerful colours. I enjoyed my gelato of a scoop of Mint Chocolate and another scoop of Banana Kiwi. YUM.

Thus concludes my Gelato tour of Italy. I hope you enjoyed every picture as much as I enjoyed every bite!

Ps. Gelato does not keep the doctor away and is known to be high in sugar. Thus can result in all types of bad health related things which you hear repeated often through every type of media provider – but it also results in an extremely happy me!


  1. Love this post. I ADORE colors too! And ice cream! And dream of Italy :)

    • Everything is better with Ice cream! 😀 You’ll just have to make that dream a reality and then you can share in my love for Gelato! 😀

  2. We ate SO MUCH gelato when we were in Italy! We didn’t actually buy any until the fifth day we were there, but once we did… whoa. Gelato for every meal!

    • Its like breaking a seal!! Once you start you are forever addicted! nom nom nom!!

  3. Life does not get better than gelato in the Piazza. Even in February, when I had it. 😉

    • Gelato is good ANY time of the year! 😀