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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Africa, Morocco

A Farewell Moroccan Feast

In lieu of me leaving Morocco, ok actually, in lieu of the other intern working with me at Peacock Pavilions family visiting, which happened to coincide with the time I was leaving; We had a fabulous Moroccan meal to celebrate. Celebrate their arrival to Marrakech, Morocco, not my departure. Or maybe they were celebrating that. Either way, we had a feast, the drinks were pretty, the food was constructed beautifully, and the dessert was melt in your mouth delicious.


The evening commenced on the back terrace next to the pool. Peacock Petal cocktails are doled out, each 1940’s, flower etched glass, rimmed with icing sugar, and a bright pink petal added to give it that extra special touch. It’s like liquid candy. I drink leisurely, enjoying the fresh breeze, and the company of Steph’s family.

Added to the cocktails are little nibbles – Briouates stuffed with meat or cheese with a sweet organic tomato dip. They disappear quickly due to their small bite-sized allure.

To keep the conversation flowing and the enjoyment up, white wine is served and we make our way towards the dining tent. The tent floors are layered in authentic Moroccan carpets which are luxurious to the touch and are said to give good luck to those who sit on them. The walls of the tent are stenciled with Moroccan patterns and the table is set for 8.

Our appetizer is kaahlouk on crisp bread, with a dollop of yogurt. The eggplant inside is perfect.

Our main course is a Moroccan traditional dish; a couscous tagine with lamb or vegetables. Tagine is the name of both the dish it is served in as well as the name of the dish within. Topped with caramelized onions and additional spice sauce for added flavour, the tagine is perfection.  Typically in Moroccan culture people sit on the ground in a circle to eat, and they eat with their hands. No utensils are used as a sign of peace. This dates back to tribal times when utensils could be used as weapons.

Our desert is a chocolate lovers dream. And being a chocolate lover – it was my dream come true; Chocolate fondant with spiced strawberry butter. The fondant was liquid in the middle and the edges a moist cake. I think all conversation was put on halt for 5 minutes as everybody was thoroughly entranced by the scrumptiousness of dessert.

As was my first introduction to Moroccan culture and is rightfully my last, we all shared Mint tea. It was poured from up high and the tea cascading into the cups, as a means of blending the mint tea leaves with the green tea. Served in decorative Moroccan cups, it was the perfect way to end a perfect meal.

Morocco you will be missed.


  1. I seriously adore Moroccan food; couscous tagine w/ lamb is my favorite! Mmm, and moroccan mint tea — I could drink five pots of that on my own. Yum!

    • I loved the mint tea – but sans sugar! Against the way the Moroccans do it – but it was just TOO sweet for me with sugar!

    • When I visit Toronto again I’ll go in search of a Moroccan goods store! With the cultural neighbourhoods there – there HAS to be a Moroccan one!

    • oh was it EVER! I won’t be treated to that much luxury and deliciousness for awhile! But I’ll always have fond memories


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