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Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Asia, Philippines

When Faceplanting replaces Wakeboarding, Davao City, Philippines

When Faceplanting replaces Wakeboarding

While living in Davao City, Philippines I was often finding myself wondering “what to do?”. Sure I was living with a group of highly entertaining individuals who could make me cry with laughter and keep me entertained in a conversational sense of the word. But I like to “do” things – be doing things. So what did Davao city have to offer? Wakeboarding.

On the outskirts of the city is Deca Wake Park. It is where one can go to wakeboard or do other fun sports. There is a giant circular pool. Instead of being pulled behind a boat as I am accustomed to, you are pulled by a pully system of wires.

Now, I have wake-boarded a few times in my life. Growing up in rural Canada and all, camping and the like. But I had only done it behind a boat and it had been QUITE a few years (8+) since I’d partook in the sport.


You sit on the bench, strap on your board, click up your helmet and zip up your life jacket. with your feet strapped in and the starting point at the  other end of the bench, you have to do a little butt wiggling to mozy on over to the other side and prepare to start.

The guy aligns your board, hands you the handle on the cord and you wait for the cord to go taut. The real process is, the rope goes taut, you keep your knees bent, and with all your arm strength you hold on and are now standing and ultimately wakeboarding around in a circle.

This is not how it went for me. Or the others I was with. This was OUR process: Board is aligned, rope goes taut, my knees lock themselves straight and my lack of arm strength sends me faceplanting into the water.Lets view this process in photo a few more times:

What is CLEARLY not visible is how much it hurts to repeatedly slam your face into water. Also – losing your bikini bottoms and hoping the large splash your faceplant just produced was large enough to hide your now full moon.

And every time you fall – you have to find your board which most likely fell off during the faceplanting, swim back to shore, and work up the courage to do it again.

And FINALLY after 4+ times  – We stand. And, after awhile, if you get really good and no longer suffer from faceplant syndrome you can attempt to take the jumps they have set up in the circle. Or like me, if you cannot steer all that well, you will end up accidentally taking a jump and landing in a belly-flop.

If you’re ever in the area of Davao City and are looking for a way to laugh due to the numbness in your flattened faced head on over to Deca Wake Park. It is incredibly fun and a great way to entertain yourself AND your friends. Watching your friends faceplant NEVER gets old.

Deca Wake Park
Address: Brgy. Tacunan, Mintal, Davao CIty, Philippines
Phone: +63922.870.8103
Price: Range from 600 Pesos (half day without board rental) to 1400 Pesos (full day with board rental)



    • True for me too. It was the constant battle of wanting to stand so badly but knowing the odds were against me and my quickly weakening arms – it my acceptance that I WOULD faceplant again that kept me trying.

  1. This sounds like my experience water skiing….i was splashed in the face with a lot of water, the boat went fast enough to somehow pull me up, i immediately lost balance and was met with the water face first. Somehow it was still incredibly fun though!

    • I think my skills at any and all water sports involving arm strength…faceplants will ensue. I should maybe start pumping some iron to improve my capacity in this but I highly doubt I’ll do that… haha