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Posted by on May 1, 2012 in Asia, Thailand

Snorkels and Sunburns – Krabi, Thailand

Snorkles and Sunburns – Krabi, Thailand

I learned a valuable lesson about Snorkels and Sunburns in Krabi Thailand. One I am not likely to forget again; Snorkelling requires you to put sunscreen on the BOTTOM of your feet. I learned this the hard day. After a day spent Snorkeling to my little heart’s content – I spent the next 4 days wincing at every step. The soles of my feet were fire red with the worst sunburn of my life.

Jeannie and I walked out the front door of our little beach bungalow and onto Krabi beach. We knew we wanted to go to Phi Phi island and spend the day snorkelling. We knew the men with boats were waiting. We negotiated a deal and hopped on board; Excited for our day at sea.

Jeannie is of Danish decent and it was her first time in Asia. I was taking good care of my friend – I did not want a repeat of the Angkor Wat: how to kill a Canadian episode. I made sure she lathered the sunscreen on like a second skin. I myself put on a moderate layer, I had quite the tan already, but I knew the Thailand heat was brutal. No sunburns for me. I was so oblivious.

When applying sunscreen; always think first: Am I going to be face down all day, ass in the air, with feeties feeling the sun? This is an EXTREMELY important thing to ask oneself. One I had never thought to ask myself. But turns out I always have to learn things the hard way. Like here and here.

How I spent the day. Face down; Feet up. Bad idea. lesson learned.

So I most of the day ass in the air enjoying the pretty coloured fishies swimming around me. I did NOT enjoy my night. My feet started to get really itchy and they were peeling in strange places; what was happening to me? Yap. This idiot burnt her feet something fierce and was now walking around rubbing her feet on any carpet surface in search of relief from the itch and the pain. So much for being a good friend and making sure Jeannie was covered – turns out I needed more supervision.

Lesson learned: Sunscreen always goes on the Soles of my feet.

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  1. Good tips! I’ve had some unintended snorkel injuries too, including in the Phi Phi islands – but so worth it. It’s absolutely beautiful snorkeling in Thailand.

    Good reminder about the sunscreen!



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