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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Chile, Photo of the Week, Photos, South America

Photo of the Week: Grave in Santiago de Chile

Photo of the Week: Grave in Santiago de Chile

In the centre of the bustling city of Santiago de Chile you find a hill. And on this hill there is a park. And in this park there is Cementary. And in this Cementary there are these flowers on a grave.



  1. This looks amazing. Right I am studying abroad in Buenos Aires and the Recoleta cemetery is just fascinating. I can’t wait to go see this in a couple of week when I go back packing. Any other beautiful places I need to see?

    • In South America or in Chile? In Chile there are OH so many – but you HAVE to see Valparaiso and if you can get there I would highly suggest the North in San Pedro de Atacama. Otherwise, my next favourite place in South America (Out of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia & Peru) was Arequipa, Peru for the Santa Catalina Monastery! 😀