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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Asia, Philippines, Photo Diary, Photos

Photo Diary: The Paradise side of the Philippines

Photo Diary: The Paradise side of the Philippines

When people think of the Philippines they inevitably think of Islands, Beaches, Palm Trees, and Paradise. For me, it wasn’t so. I was living in Davao City, the furthest large city in the southern most island in the Philippines; Mindanao. There wasn’t much to do, there wasn’t much to see. And the add to that it was monsoon season. Life went by and I wondered were it went. Until I started taking boats to some of the small southern islands. Then I found the Paradise side of the Philippines.

The islands I found were not the postcard perfect islands. But they were very exotic and not invaded by tourists. Who wants to come this far south to the scary island of Mindanao anyways right? Its worth it. Forget the bad reputation the island has built. Catch a cheap boat and find the Paradise.

Floating away on a boat to a tropical island. Drinking coconut milk and eating jackfruit. My days were finally filled with the type of nothingness I dreamed of; The nothingness of a fresh breeze cooling me, a under my rainbow umbrella shading me, as I sit on my towel and relax on the sandy beach, looking out to the mesmerizing shades of blue ocean.


This is the Paradise of the Philippines that I’d heard all about.

It is was only a boat ride away.


  1. These photos make me want to jump on a plane and head straight back to the Philippines! I was there for 3 weeks (Boracay, Bohol, Coron), and it was the absolute definition of paradise :)
    Lauren’s Recently Posted..My Summer Plans for 2012!My Profile

    • I never actually went to any of the Hot Spots of the Philippines. I only stayed in the South of the country and found a new paradise. But I cant wait to return and see those other destinations. They get their label as paradise for a reason!

  2. Love these photos, Cebu certainly wasn’t paradise either, just a polluted city but close enough for paradise on the weekends.
    Ayngelina’s Recently Posted..I’m so over hostelsMy Profile

    • Yeah, I did not hear good things about Cebu, other than cheap flights to get there. So only a weekend destination. Good to know.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Initially my husband and I were not planning to go to the Philippines on our upcoming RTW trip… Looking at your pictures, I have no idea why! We’re currently worried about getting to visas from China while we’re at home, so instead of heading directly there from Japan, I think we may be hopping on a plane to the Philippines instead!

    • Thank You! Just make sure you don’t go there in Monsoon season! Half of my Philippine experience was marred by torrential rains – NOT pleasant! But it IS a beautiful country – even the little that I did see! :)

  4. Look at all that sandy beach, turquoise water, and delicious fruit! Clearly we need to head to the Philippines now. :)

    • Yes Indeed! You’ll have to go back to Asia after you’re finished with the USA! Make sure you visit Palawan though – there are GIRAFFES THERE!!! If that doesn’t get you excited for the Philippines I don’t know what else POSSIBLY could. Let me say it again – GIRAFFES!

  5. With 7107 islands, it’s easy to stumble into a paradise by boat or fins in the Philippines. But I think our national treasure will be the friendly smiling people, no?

    • definitely! I think you guys are in competition with Thailand over their title of “The Land of Smiles” haha. Everybody is wonderful – But I most certainly would be too if I lived on such a beautiful place on earth!