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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Africa, Explore, Morocco, Photo Diary, Photos, Travel Info

Photo Diary: Inspiring Colours of the Jardin Majorelle

There once was an Artist named Jacques Majorelle. If his name didn’t give it away, he is a French artist. He travelled the world before settling in Marrakech, Morocco in 1923. With his passion for botany and his artistic talents, he created the Jardin Majorelle, and he opened this marvel to the public in 1947. Enter the colourful and inspiring world of the Jardin Majorelle.

Jacques Majorelle passed away in 1962, as his beautiful gardens were closed. But Yves Saint-Laurent (Yes, the famous designer) and Pierre Bergé discover the gardens in 1966 while living in Marrakech Morocco and are stunned by its beauty.


We were seduced by this oasis where the colors of Matisse mingle with those of nature. – A Moroccan passion, Pierre Bergé

They adored the Gardens and being drawn by its allure, purchased the property in 1980, saving it from disappearance as it was slotted to be demolished and turned into a resort. They did major renovations to the Gardens, and turned it into what it is today.

With the original inspiration and idea crafted by Jacques Majorelle, The Majorelle Gardens are a wonder to walk through. With the vibrant cobalt blue walls, and vibrant yellows, oranges, and red potted plants, you can’t help but be mesmerized by its charm.

Are you Inspired by the Jardin Majorelle?


  1. Somehow I just found your website today, I really like the colors in these shots and want to wish you safe travels.

    • Haha I am a newbie. Thanks! I’m heading through the Balkans so I think I just have to watch for serious sunburns! :)

    • I’ve never been to Mexico, so I have no knowledge. But I would love that, and already have a positive view of Mexico! Colours galore!

  2. Very beautiful garden with vibrant colors. Hard to believe this was discovered in Morocco. I didn’t think something like this would be seen there. Very talented guy and a bit out there with his colors :)
    Jeremy Branham’s Recently Posted..5 tips on how to make a video while travelingMy Profile

    • True – I was inspired by them. But gosh do I ever love colour! Its normally my fondest memory of a place – it colour. It is SO very out of character with the style and everything in the rest of Morocco!

  3. Love these colors. This will be on my list whenever it is I make it to Morocco.

    • And rightfully so! Its such an inspiring place with such a great story behind it!

  4. Thanks for posting this! It’s fantastic. Another place I have to add to my travel list.

    • Oh not a problem! When will you start crossing things off your travel list?

      • I don’t know. Until recently I thought I couldn’t afford traveling outside the US but I’m finding that was bad information. For the past few years I’ve been working on seeing all 1,000 places to see before you die US and Canada and I’ve seen over 50 places. Here’s a link to my photo album
        I don’t know if it will work.

        • Oh that is a GREAT book and an excellent starting point on what to see where. I have highlighted the book to cross off what I have already experienced. What are your next travel plans? Anything out of the book?

          • My next trip will be Disney in January. Where are you headed next?

  5. Love the colors, the details and the tile work. I have heard about this place but didn’t know it was so pretty. A must see if I visit Morocco one day.

    • I never heard about it until I arrived in the city actually. But I am SO glad I found it because it is simply stunning. You MUST visit Morocco – I loved it and I bet you would too!

  6. Incredible way to decorate a place naturally. The truth is that a good garden needs very careful. Congratulations to the owners of this garden, long struggled keep as beautiful place. We would love to have a garden like this on our property.


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