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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Africa, Morocco

Luxury Hammam at Les Bains de Marrakech

The whole place oozes elegance. With your own personal Moroccan lady who ushers you around the magnificent complex, you feel like you’ve entered a new world. And you leave feeling like the new relaxed you.

Interior. Photo from Les Bains de Marrakech Website

I wanted to try a Hammam, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to hit the public spots yet. Having to go with only bottoms on, my prudeness was rearing its face. So I opted for luxury. And at the price of 250 Dh ($30), it was worth it for my peace of mind and introduction to this new type of bath and relaxation.

Like a good girl, I showed up two hours early. Why? Because I was afraid I would get lost on my way. I didn’t. So 2 hours of waiting time it was. I figured I would simply wait in the lobby reading on my trusty Kindle. Not the case, they welcomed me in, walked me to the change room, gave me my robe, told me I could relax and read by the pool. A pool? Fantastic.

Typically they ask you to show up 30 minutes before your appointment to relax and decompress next to the open-air pool. With lounge chairs surrounding the pool, I spent my 2 hours reading The Alchemist. And what a great book to inspire and help me appreciate my surroundings.

After Massage Room. Photo from Les Bains de Marrakech Website

Afterwards my personal usher arrived to take me to my Hammam. I was led through wood carved hallways of dim lights shining patterns through the bronze lanterns on the walls. I was led into my private Hammam (Sauna). The room was nice and toasty. They helped me remove my robe and ushered me to sit on the cushioned beds. They poured warm water all over me and told me to relax for 15 minutes in the sauna. It was hot. The walls pulsed heat. It was comforting.

Next up was an Argan Oil rub down. A lady in black clothes came in, spoke softly to me in French, told me her name was Satima, and the ooil rub down began. Me and my oily body was left to relax for another 10 minutes.

Hammam and Gomage. Photo from Les Bains de Marrakech Website

Next up was the Gomage. This is black exfoliating scrub. Satima comes in with her exfoliating mittens and starts to rub me down. Please face down. Please face up. Please sit up. While I was sitting, Satima was scrubbing my arms down and I could see the process – I was embarrassed by how much skin was being removed. I asked if that was normal. She told me “yes, this is why hammam is so important, to remove all the bad skin and toxins from the skin. Moroccans take Hammam once per week.” I am happy I am not abnormal and was enjoying the scrub down.

Next up was the 7 Roses Mask. I was covered in a grey goopy stuff, including my face. I laid down to relax in the warm sauna some more. But the mask did not harden on my face as expected and it started to slip towards my contact filled eyes. My eyes were covered in mask. I rushed to the shower, cleaned my hands, and saved my eyes from a painful goop-in-eye situation. Then Irelaxed back down and returned to my warm hammam tranquil state of mind. Perfect.

Then I showered, more Argane Oil was put on my skin to make it silky smooth, my robe was put back on, and I was led down more dimly lit hallways to a bed to relax on. A special treatment was being served mint tea by a handsome man and cookies to nibble on. This IS heaven.

Roses and Candles. Photo from Les Bains de Marrakech Website

So my first introduction into Moroccan Hammam’s was a most luxurious experience. I’m glad I took this approach to a Hammam as I know I would feel I missed out on a wonderful experience had I never gone. But having my own private hammam and learning to process makes me more comfident that Yes, In Fact, I CAN conquer a Public Hammam. Maybe next week.

Anybody looking for Luxury should make a stop at Les Bains de Marrakech in Morocco. Its Heaven.


  1. Good luck!! I did the same thing- started with the luxury experience an then went public. But it’s a completely different experience.

    I’ll be curious to know your impression of a public hamam. I didn’t love it, but it got the job done. Also, I was never able to get the same skin peeling benefits I got in the luxury one.

    • This was SUCH luxurious experience. Something I could never have at home – nor do I think is it OFFERED at home. Oh Morocco – we love it so eh?

      • TELL me about it! at home a spa experience like this would be around $200+ BUT i’ve never had a scrub down like in these hamams… i thought about opening one here, but then again, the thought of going back and having an authentic experience indefinitely is much more appealing!! :-)

        • PS: LOVEEEEE that pic you took of the lantern with its light shining onto the walls.

    • Its just a hop, skip, and a jump across a pond to visit Morocco for the $30 dollars!

  2. Oh man, you’re making me so envious I’m stuck at home for the next six months! I HAVE to go to one of these!
    Lindsey’s Recently Posted..A Spending DietMy Profile

    • We all have put in our time at home before we can see the world right? I’m heading home soon and I’m dreading it! But hopefully this will get you excited for when those 6 months are complete and you can wander unstuck again! :)

    • It was! Getting naked in front of strangers WASNT as nerve racking as I thought it would be. They ARE professionals. YOU MUST Try when you come to Marrakech!


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