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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Africa, Budget, Morocco, Travel Info

Budget: Morocco in April

Budget: Morocco in April

Going to Morocco cost more than I expected. Partly because I had to make tourist mistakes and get ripped off at the airport needing a taxi to the train station. The man was a horrible human being, lied, yelled, and I just flipped him off, paid him the extortionate fee, and stormed off. Otherwise, Morocco is beautiful and I love this country. Except the people at the airport. Evil People. Where else did my money go?

Accommodation – $124

I won’t lie – I spent more than I typically would on accommodation. I wanted to experience the wonderful Riad’s. So I spent a few more dollars and enjoyed every minute of it. Beautifully decorated with elaborate stucco walls, deep green and blue drapery, and pillows with sequins, beading, and unique materials. To stay in the luxury (for me) places that I did, spending an average of $17.71 per day is acceptable in my books. And the free cocktails and unlimited mint tea helped to sweeten my opinion on separating from my cash.

Food – $47.25

So my food budget is highly deceiving. I ate something that my stomach did not like which resulted in a sever case of food poisoning. To curb the chance of another occurance I avoided food for a day and then my appetite never came back full force so I spent less money since I was eating less. Most people will spend a bit more than I did due to this factor. Also, breakfast is included in almost every hostel, and I was fortunate to have hostels that provided amazing breakfasts of eggs, fruits, breads, cereals, and meats for those so inclined to eat it. Overall I spent an average per day of $6.75 for lunch/dinner/snacks.

Transport – $90.13

Evil Cab driver is a cause to this being so high. Also moving quickly. I took 1 extortionate cab ride, 2 normal cab rides, and 4 train rides.  My routes for the train were Marrakech-Fes, Fes-Meknes, Meknes-Casablanca, and finally Casablanca back to Marrakech. The cabs were to and from the train station in Casablanca because I spent less than 24 hours in the city and the train station is quite far from the Medina (Old City). I found the train to be a great option to get around; comfortable, no smoking, on time, and not overflowing with people. The rest of the time in the cities I walked everywhere. I like my feet and they get me where I need to be. Daily Average: $12.88

Sight-Seeing/Tours/Entrance – $27.50

Only two days did I have to pay anything. I took a day trip to Volubilis, the ancient Roman ruins, and I did a city tour around Fes which I had to pay for all the entrances to palaces and shops. So, as you can tell, the majority of sights and activities in Morocco are free of charge. People try to make you pay every time you take a photo of everything, but thats cultural and I refuse to give more than 1 Dh. (In Marrakech in the square the snake charmers, dancers, singers, and other people ask for 200 Dh per photo. It is crazy how stupid they think people are – but a lot do pay so who’s really the idiot right?) Daily Average: $4.00

Souvenirs – $12.50

I could of bought the pretty blue ceramics of Fes or some tiles, but I only bought postcards. I have no need to cart around heavy objects which will later sit on a counter. Although sometimes I forget this logic and buy things – This time I resist. But I did buy some wonderful frankincense since I love perfume and didn’t bring any of my own. I splurged on this but it is small in size and I won’t get it taken away on flights. Daily Average: $1.80

Internet & Misc. – $11.25

I needed little packets of shampoo and soaps, so I bought them. I needed medicine to help settle my food poisoned stomach, so I bought some. This is the miscellaneous column for a reason. Daily Average: $1.61.


Grand Total: $312.63                      Daily Average $44.66


So although I stayed under $50 a day – Morocco is quite expensive. Yes I was moving quickly and that cost a lot. Yes I stayed in nicer Riad’s and that cost a lot. But I didn’t want to stay in a dump. So What about the REST of April? There isn’t only 7 days in the month. Well the rest of April I have been living and working in Marrakech on a workaway. I have spent $0 the rest of the month. If I factor THAT in; My grand total remains at $312.63 but my daily average is now divided by all 30 days dropping it to only $10.41 per day. I felt this would show an inaccurate overall costs of Morocco so I showed only the 7 days I was travelling for. Morocco is beautiful and worth the investment. Did you manage to stay here for cheaper? Where were you able to skimp?

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  1. Very interesting comment and look in the visit of Morocco. So many people mentioned that Morocco is so much more expensive then they expected compare to India and Central America. Even the Sofitel in Marrakech is more expensive then in London and Paris? Why is that??