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Posted by on May 12, 2012 in Budget, Europe, Spain, Travel Info

Budget: 5 Days in Madrid, Spain

Budget: 5 Days in Madrid, Spain


The cheapest route into Morocco was via Spain. And I figured if I was flying THROUGH a Spanish country – One I’d never seen before – I HAVE to layover for 5 days to explore and keep practising my Spanish I spent the last year learning. So Where did my Money Go?

Accommodations – €0

My money DID NOT go to accommodations. I was fortunate enough to find a fantastic couchsurfing host on the outskirts of Madrid; Amador. So I saved a large chunk of money on that.

Transportation – €60.80 or $88.14

I had to pay out some money in transportation every day (4.20 Euro Minimum) since I was living outside of Madrid itself and required to bus back/forth every day. But I consider $7/day for transportation replacing the $25/day in accommodation a fair trade off (Plus a Great Host to Stay With instead of snoring, farting, loud dorm room bunk mates!). I also couldn’t resist the urge to visit Segovia and Toledo for 2 day-trips. They were within 1 hour of Madrid via Train or Bus so the day before I booked my tickets and headed out for the day. The cities were splendid and so worth the extra €32 I spent to get there.

Food – €67 or $80

Again, because of my awesome host I was able to save some major cash on breakfast/dinners outside the house. I spent most lunches in the centre of town but I came prepared with apples, fruits, nuts, and crackers in my bag that I bought at the grocery store to help curb any cravings I had or unnecessary snack purchases I might make in expensive touristy kiosks. I ate lunch out, but with Calamari sandwiches costing 2.70 Euro, it was a steal. The only food purchase I could not avoid was spending on cafe’s/expressos – not because I am a cafeine addict (I actually don’t drink coffee almost ever) but because I needed to find an internet connection since my host didn’t have one – and paying for an expresso for 3 hours of internet was cheaper than paying for 3 hours in an internet cafe.

Sight Seeing / Tours / Entrance – €28.50 or $37.50

I am not a huge museum fan – but I visited the Prado Museum one day – €12. That is a huge price for a museum – and I don’t think I will ever want to enter again. But this cost vs. return helped me realize why I will always attempt to avoid museums in the future – I just get so bored in them. The cost/return ratio isn’t high enough on museums for me. The rest was spent to enter the Cathedrals and Alcazars in Toledo and Segovia. Money so well spent I can barely contain my glee and entering such beautiful buildings. Gosh I love old things.

Souvenirs – €1.60 or $2.11

The only collection I’ve had since a child is a postcard one. I do not know how it started or why, but I love that it did. I still maintain this collection – adding postcards from every city and country I visit. My postcards REQUIRE that they say the name on the front. So for my only souvenir costs being €1.60 – I feel this is an excellent budget friendly (and luggage weight friendly) collection to maintain! (And I put them all in a ziplock bag so they do not get ruined if I ever get caught in the rain or something spills on my bag – THIS is how valuable they are to me)

Internet & Misc. – €5.30 or $7

So, I went to an internet cafe once. I was lost in the middle of Madrid and I found the cafe on Good Friday. The only thing that was open on the holiday. I had to pay so I could figure out where I was and how to get back to where I belong; Where things were Open. The Misc. portion was me needing a bottle of shampoo. I did not have any plan of sporting dreadlocks or having an unfortunate smell wafting from my unwashed hair. So I bought a bottle of dove shampoo. I smell nice now. Worth the investment.

Grand Total: €163.19 or $214.72

With this grand total that brings me to a daily average of €27.20 or $36. Considering everything I was able to see including two day-trips to Segovia & Toledo that this daily average is pretty good considering the steeper prices of European countries. I am VERY pleased with my time spent and my money allocations. Spain is a destination I will certainly return too – especially if I can keep my costs as low as I did for these 5 days!


  1. Oh god, those churros. So delicious!!

    Any Western European country on less than 50$ a day is BIG savings, I think!! Great budgeting…gotta love Couchsurfing!! 😉

    • I won’t lie – I ate Churros most days. How could I NOT?!?! Spain I was expecting to be more expensive then it was (even considering my couchsurfing replacing accomodation costs). So that makes me happy! Couchsurfing ALWAYS makes my experiences better!

  2. That was pretty good, I found Spain to be a bit more expensive than I would have liked – mostly the hostels. I should have couchsurfed.
    Ayngelina’s Recently Posted..David battles Goliath in Moloka’iMy Profile

    • I actually didn’t even look online to check Hostel prices – I just knew I wanted to couchsurf since I always have such a fabulous time! Do you couchsurf often?

  3. Museo de Jamon is always a great place to eat & drink on the cheap. Under $2 each for beer and sandwiches. Cant beat that!

    • Oh great tip! Thanks. I’ll look this post up next time I am in town. It is always difficult to find cheap vegetarian options.