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Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Albania, Croatia, Europe, Montenegro

Balkan Road Trip: Short Time Frame Quick Coverage

Balkan Road Trip: Short Time Frame Quick Coverage

I just discussed my upcoming voyage into the Balkans. What I didn’t mention was I hadn’t worked out all the kinks yet. I was specifically having trouble with getting from Dubrovnik, Croatia through Montenegro, and ends in Southern Albania. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to stop on my short time frame and was worried I’d miss out on something magical. Until I found Balkan Road Trip – the company.

I like to plan – and plan pretty thoroughly – ok, I admit, I probably am an Over-Planner. So as an over-planner my needs were not yet met on my Balkan’s route. With the Croatia – Albania portion all in a giant mess, I was happy to stumble upon Balkan Road Trip.

Balkan Road Trip turned out to be exactly what I needed. They provided 3 day stint trips through the Balkans. More specifically from Dubrovnik to Southern Albania. Another pleasant happenstance is that the tours leave on Saturdays. Wed June 16 was the exact date I was considering moving onwards from Dubrovnik anyways. We are a match made in heaven.

So the trip is a little pricey for 3 days. It only includes transport, accommodation, and breakfasts. No lunch or dinners. It cost me £199 or in my world $300. For me, I say a tour should cost no more than $75/day in a moderate priced country. This was going above my “acceptable” range. So why did I splurge, slap down the cash (ok, I did an online credit card payment), and select Balkan Road Trip?


With such a short time frame, and after a moderate amount of research, I was discovering that it was difficult to get around to all the sights I wanted to see and be able to actually spend a night in a city. I didn’t want to carry my backpack around with me to all the ruins, I wanted a place to put my bag. And I decided that putting it on a bus was my best option.

So where does this Balkan Road Trip take me?

Sat June 16th:     Dubrovnik, Croatia – Kotor, Montenegro – Tirana, Albania

Sun  June 17th:   Tirana, Albania – Berat, Albania

Mon June 18th:  Berat, Albania – Gjirokastra, Albania – Butrint Ruins, Albania – Saranda, Albania

my original route through the Balkans

How does it differ from my original plan?

My route included Ohrid, Macedonia while this one includes Berat, Albania.

My route had me heading straight to Meteroa, Greece  coming from Macedonia but now I’ll be coming from the coast from Saranda, Albania.

I accept these changes. I am exchanging ruins – Ohrid for Berat. Excellent. As long as there are ruins.

So now, with my Balkan Road Trip booked – I am a little less worried about having to cover so much land in so little time. I feel that although I put down the money – the outcome will be great. I get to see almost everything I wanted in my original plan, plus some more I hadn’t planned, without any hassle. Balkan Road Trip here I come.

Has anybody traveled with Balkan Road Trip Before? 


  1. That looks like it’s going to be one amazing road trip. So jealous! Have fun!

    • I sure hope so! I am so excited to go! I’ll just have to come back so I can see everything that I am missing in the short time frame! 😀


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