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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Africa, Explore, Morocco, Travel Info

Bahia Palace – Where Moroccan Patterns Coalesce

Bahia Palace – Where Moroccan Patterns Coalesce

The Bahia Palace is one of those Must-See destinations of Marrakech, Morocco. It is listed in every guide book, on every online list, and from advice of locals. But why? Because the Moroccan Patterns I described a few days ago all coalesce to create true beauty.

The Bahia Palace was smaller than I expected but what it packed in offered beautiful luxury tiles and decorative Moroccan Patterns.

You walk through winding hallways. They are pretty unimpressive. Some have decorative stucco patterns as molding around the top of walls, but most were plain white.

Then you meet the doors; the colourful doors with their painted wood and carved cedar with their huge metal locks. These are heavy doors – they demand power to pull them open – but when they do open they welcome you into open-air foyers with a white fountained centred in the middle. Cascading from the bottom of the fountain are blue, green, and yellow tiles in a star pattern opening around the fountain.

The foyer is surrounded by a pathway with arches opening to the fountain. Each window is emphasized by its wooden painted shutters. The green of the rooftops reflecting brightly in the sun.

I give it to the Moroccans – they know how to do gardens right. They blend the beauty of flowers and plants and intertwine them with their mosaic tiled floors, and stucco carved walls. They make the garden open-air, with four squared potted areas to be walked around leisurely with a fountain centering it all. Doors open to rooms off the paradise garden with represent their own form of beautiful decorations.

There is no furniture, paintings, or accessories of any kind in the Bahia Palace – the Walls, Doors, Fountains, and Plants encompass fully its splendor. You don’t need accent pieces to showcase the work – it is there standing proudly on its own; every intricate carved line, and perfectly placed tile.

For me, The Bahia Palace was peaceful. It shut out the chaos and assault on my senses that Marrakech provides. It opened me to view its raw beauty, inhale the scent of fresh citrus trees, and skim my fingers across the cool waters of the fountains.

I went alone and I would suggest you do the same. Tour groups came, snapped a photo, and went. I don’t know if they truly saw the Palace; took it all in. You should. Its worth the time.

Hello people in the background. You will be forever online.

The Bahia Palace
Marrakech, Morocco
Entrance: 10 Dh ($1.25) 

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