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Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in Africa, Travel Routes, Uganda

Travel Route: Uganda

Travel Route: Uganda

Gorillas, Giraffes, Gazelles – Uganda has them all. Uganda, or “The Pearl of Africa” is a central African country surrounded by Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, DROC, and newest of all South Sudan. Uganda is a country of natural beauty. With the highest mountain range in Africa, The Mountains of the Moon, to the greatest concentration of primates on earth including the Gorilla Tribes living in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; Uganda has 11 National Parks which help to preserve this countries natural magnificence. Dispite the countries turbulent past, the people are kind, warm, and welcoming to all who wish to experience their undeniably beautiful country.

This is a travel Route through Uganda. It visits all the major cities and you can do day trips to all major sights.

I’ve listed 3 sights/activities by City in the form of photos. I am a highly visual person, who loves colour, and is easily enticed by it. Perhaps you will be to.











Lake Bunyonyi


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park




Queen Elizabeth National Park


Kibale National Park


Rwenzori National Park





If these stunning visuals do not already have you tugging on your hiking boats to trek through one of the many National Parks in search of wildlife I don’t know what will!

Get out and explore this African wonder that is Uganda!