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Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Africa, Morocco

The Colours of Fes, Morocco

The Colours of Fes, Morocco

Fes is not the capital of Morocco nor is it the cultural centre. But Fes is the location of the oldest University in the World dated back to 859. Fes has a labrynth of a Medina (Market) which hosts more than 9000 laneways. Try NOT getting lost in it. The Medina is also home to an incredible plethora of smells, foods, stalls, and above all – colours!

On my second day of the city, during breakfast with the others staying at Riad Verus, 3 boys mentions they were taking a guided tour of the Medina in an hour. I figured, I’m alone, 9000 lanes is mesmerizing, and a guided tour would allow me to feel more comfortable with the basic in’s and out’s of the chaos. I signed up and tagged along.

Our Guide helped us navigate the never-ending winding streets. Round and Round we go – always upwards. Never a break for my poor thighs. He took us to a few roof top locations with stunning views of the surrounding Medina and extending outwards to the entire city of Fes.

By the end of the tour, I was still no more knowledgable about the direction of any road I was taking nor was I positive I could ever find my way back through the streets. But I did have a fantastic time on the trip, and found incredible sights, and felt the spark of inspiration I was looking for in Morocco.

The only negative of my day touring the city was I ended up with a vicious bout of Food Poisoning. Last 20 minutes and I all but cleared up. This result of the day cannot take away from the fantastic colours my eyes had the delight of feasting on all day long!

I love the colours of the woman’s clothing. They all dress up in brilliantly designed and sewed clothing that brings such joy to me. I would wear one myself if I didn’t feel I was being rude while doing so.

Where else have you been where Colour is your main memory?