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Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in Asia, Japan

Japan: The overpowering desire to take photos of Sakura

Japan: The overpowering desire to take photos of Sakura

I went to Japan on a whim. I made some Japanese friends at the end of March 2010 in Taiwan and instantly wanted to visit them in Japan. Conveniently, my internet flight-price stalker skills resulted in a cheap flight from Bangkok-Tokyo. I booked on Monday April 5th. My flight was on Friday April 9th. My friends had to prepare – I was coming soon! I showed up and the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) where in full bloom. I have nothing to show for my 10 day trip to Japan besides photos of sakura. Oops.

Sakura are beautiful. It is one of the greatest lures for me wanting to visit Japan. It is for most people. You want to head to Japan in April, plan it perfectly, and hope you’ve made it on time. My timing was impeccable; Sakura were in Blossom in Tokyo, and as I made my way south to Kyoto and onto Osaka, the Sakura followed me and were blooming brightly there as well. I was thrilled. Too thrilled. I took over 1,000 photos of Sakura. That may not seem a lot to a photographer, but I was armed with my 2-year-old point-and-shoot with a 8GB SD card. 1,000 photos of a flower are A LOT of photos of flowers.

What else did I do in Japan? I can’t remember- my mind is blinded by pretty pink flowers in all different shapes and sizes surrounding me. No, that is an exaggeration, I did actually do things in Japan:

  • Upon arrival, my friend Kazu promptly picked me up at the airport and brought me to a karaoke place where we joined a group of 12 others and sang the entire night through; why? because we can. But more honestly because the trains stopped running at 2am and didn’t start again until 6am.
  • I learned how to properly use chopsticks (skills which I have thus lost and reverted back to the North American bear paw grasp)
  • I learned about Kimonos and in Kyoto went out and was fitted for one and convinced myself to purchase said Kimono (for no less than the reasonable price of $300 CAD – This is reasonable….in comparison to other Kimonos ONLY)
  • I temple climbed like it was my job. That is the type of job I could love for the rest of my life. Is anybody willing to pay for me to temple climb? I’ll even count every step on the way for reference so we can track my work ethic and have comparisons over time. “Chrystal, you only climbed 1,038 steps today, that is a decrease of 43% over your monthly average, you’re going to have to “step it up” (hehe) a bit”.


But, apparently, all of these experiences did not warrant as many photos as the precious Sakura. So thus, I shall show you a plethera of Sakura pictures. Some macro, some distance, all the different types….you name it – I took it its photo. Now, without further adieu: I give you Sakura!




Ps. You can read more about the details of sakura here: Japanese Sakura – Types and Styles.