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Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Europe, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia, Travel Info

Balkan Bound: If I have to go Home I’m taking the LONG WAY!

Balkan Bound: If I have to go Home I’m taking the LONG WAY!

I am currently in Morocco doing a workaway. I was originally heading to Jordan next and then on to Europe. Plans change and I am now returning to Canada June 25th for a Job. I booked my Flight; Athens, Greece-Toronto, Canada. Lets recap. I am currently in: Marrakech, Morocco. I have a flight to: Milan, Italy. I fly out of: Athens, Greece. Since I want to stay out of Canada as long as possible – This means for the month of June I am Balkans Bound!

Why did I chose these destinations you may ask? They are beautiful, captivating, and I long to see them. But mostly, I picked them for Price reasons. I found a return 1-way flight ticket from Athens, Greece to Toronto, Canada for the incredibly reasonable price of $263 CAD. GREAT. I like that. The next cheapest flight was from Marrakech, Morocco to Milan, Italy for the price of $85 CAD. This is NOT a great bargain but for some reason nothing is on sale out of Morocco for the end of May/early June.

I’ve read so much about the Balkans. I’ve been dying to visit there. I want to see EVERYTHING. But I have a huge time constraint; approximately 25 days to get from Milan, Italy to Athens, Greece. I could fly my butt around the region but that goes against my need for all things affordable. Yes, I am cheap, but I most certainly LOVE it that way.

So Here is my Initial Route through the Balkans:

Milan Italy
Venice Italy
Bled Slovenia
Ljubljana Slovenia
Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia
Split Croatia
Hvar Croatia
Dubrovnik Croatia
Tirana Albania
Ohrid Macedonia
Meteora Greece
Athens Greece

Is this a lot of land to cover in a very short period? Most certainly.
Do I think I can make it and enjoy my time? Most certainly.
Am I willing to take the easy route and just fly into Athens? No Way!

Why did I choose these destinations and not others?

Let me share with you a photo collage of all the things I want to experience in these destinations:

What would you Suggest I should SQUEEZE onto my List?


  1. Great deals on the flight tickets! Where did you find those?

    That is one stunning piece of collage! I must say I have been lucky enough to visit almost all of the places pictured – with the exception of the duomo on the first photo and the city on the third photo in the second row (which city is this?).

    All of those places don’t just look good on photos but are actually even better in real life. Since you are covering such a wast piece of Europe, I am guessing you could easily put at least three or four just as stunning and diverse collages together when you are done with your trip.

    I might be a bit late, but would also recommend Soca river valley, Skocjan caves and any of the 3 wine regions in Slovenia, Primosten or any other random small town on the Croatian Adriatic coast, Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia & Hercegovina, Corinth canal in Greece.

    There are so many other interesting places, you will be leaving out but that is just life and the choices we have to make in our limited time on earth. You could easily spend a month in a country as small as Slovenia and be amazed with something spectacular every single day without ever being bored.

    • I found my flights through – I use it for everything – I simply love all the wacky flights it comes up with and how you can play with the options of layover length.

      I will FOR SURE be back to the region to explore. there is simply TOO much to see in such a short period – but I’m definitely getting samples of each country and finding out which ones I love instantly and which ones I think I might not visit again immediately.

  2. Nice to know! I know from before, but have never really used them. I’ll make sure that changes sometimes in the near in the future. 😉

    Nice to hear you liked it so much, you are thinking of coming back. If you need some “off the beaten track” recommendations on Slovenia (and its neighborhood) don’t think twice to contact me. I am always happy to help out fellow bloggers.