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Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in Africa, Jordan, Middle East, Morocco, Travel Info

Work exchanges in Morocco & Jordan:

Work exchanges in Morocco & Jordan:

A few weeks ago I ran across a website called I do some work I receive room and board in exchange. Sounds AWESOME to me.

“ is a site set up to promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families, individuals or organizations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities.” (

This sounded perfect for me. Every try I go away, I always want to meet locals and hang out with them. I want to learn about their culture and not always been with other foreigners. This also gives me the great opportunity to stay with locals, work for them, in exchange for free accommodation and food. This is a perfect exchange for me.

So I signed up. It was 22€ for a 2 year membership. At first I was skeptical since I’d never heard of the website before and could not find much information online. David hays from Lofty Shores Afar showed me this article: Student Money Workaway which gave me more faith that this website was legit. So I gave over my 22€ and started searching for hosts.

The website has an easy to use interface, which is VERY useful for the computer-stupid me.

I started to search. I kept my search broad since well – I like to see all of my options before limiting them. So I started browsing, and browsing, and browsing. 3 hours later I was shaking with excited. This seems like it will be a lot of fun. I started to limit my searches to my hearts desire – I wanted to work with tourists (insert option into box) and I wanted to go to the Middle East or North Africa (insert more preferences into box). In Morocco there were 3 options available. Excellent. Apply Apply Apply.

So I messaged people. I secretly hoped people would like me. I REALLY want to get away again and If I can contribute while I am away and gain the deeper experience in other countries that I so yearn for then I am making myself the happiest I can be. I emailed a select few. I did not know how long it would take for a reply or if anybody would even reply to me. Who am I? Some random Canadian girl with a business background and travel experience – would that be enough?

Turns out it is. I received replies within 2 hours from one host and the rest emailed me within 2 days. (PEOPLE LIKE ME! was not-so-secretly running through my head). So I went a little overboard with emailing people – but there was no way of knowing my value to anyone person.

I excepted or decided on 2 of the options.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco working for a small travel agency – I will be working on online marketing and social media, reception and anything else they need me for. April 10th-June 1st.
  2. Wadi Rum, Jordan working for a Bedouin tourist camp – I will help with reception, camp clean-up, and tours. June 5th-August 20(ish – not sure exactly yet)

So I am set. I am very excited at my opportunities to head to Both Morocco and Jordan. I can’t say more about my experiences as they haven’t happened yet – but they are certainly something I am vibrating with excitement over. I’m a travel addict that just got their travel fix. I’m set.

Anybody else have any experience with Please share your stories below!



  1. We’re also using Workaway on our RTW! Up to now we’ll be doing a couple of weeks helping out at a B&B in France, at an eco tourist retreat in Portugal, a yoga retreat in Spain and a fantastic eco holiday centre in Turkey! We’ll be learning to make bread, cheese and pomegranate wine in Turkey, cannot wait! But I must say, pretty jealous about your Wadu Rum gig, sounds great!

    • Super Exciting! Like I said – I was weary at first, but the website looks incredible. I leave April 5th for Morocco! I can’t wait to read about your adventures too! I was looking into a workaway in Turkey too but that yoga retreat in Spain….OHH LA LA!

  2. I love Workaway! When me and my boyfriend went travelling last year we did three projects and agree that they were the best times in our trip. We had some amazing hosts and they really allow you to see a different side to your destination than what you would if you were just a tourist. I don’t mean to promote myself, but just want to promote the brilliance of Workaway by saying I’ve got quite a few posts on my site about it starting here… It really is a brilliant way to travel for longer and see more of the world. Hope your experiences are good too!

    • Brilliant! Nah of course – plug away my friend!
      I’m on my work-away currently in Marrakech, Morocco and I am loving it. I am actually living a life of luxury at this boutique hotel that I didn’t expect. The family is fantastic and I’m really enjoying my time! I sadly won’t be doing the Jordan Workaway as I planned as I picked up a job for July/August as a tour guide in the Caribbean but life’s a trade up. Hopefully I can head back and do the workaway in Jordan sometime at a later date!


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