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Posted by on Mar 30, 2012 in Europe, Slovenia, Travel Routes

Travel Route: Slovenia

Travel Route: Slovenia

A tiny country that knows how to squeeze in a lot of natural beauty. This country has everything; from soaring snow-capped mountains, to beaches, to hills and rivers, to stunning churches and palaces. This country may be tiny, but as one of the greenest countries of the world, it has something incredible to interest everyone. 

This is a simple Route through the Slovenia. It visits all the major cities and you can do day trips to all major sights.

I’ve listed 3 sights/activities by City in the form of photos. I am a highly visual person, who loves colour, and is easily enticed by it. Perhaps you will be to.


Ljubljana Castle                     Presernov Trg Miniature       Cathedral of St.Nicolas



Church of St.George            View from Rammparts           Franciscan Monastery


Skiing                                      Rafting                                       Paragliding


Lake Bled                               Take a Gondola Ride             Bled Castle


WInter Chalet                           Bridge and Church                Savica Waterfall


View of City                              WWII Tunnels                         City Centre


Skocjan Caves


Festival Lent Dancers              Monastery                               Festival Lent Fireworks

This tiny country sure knows how to pack a lot of fun and adventure all into very little space. With is vibrant history, its gorgeous architecture, and its countryside made for adventure; nobody would come to Slovenia and not love it!