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Posted by on Mar 2, 2012 in Europe, Travel Routes

Travel Route: Macedonia

Travel Route: Macedonia


Macedonia is a beautiful mix of both Balkan and Mediterranean. With stunning monasteries on rivers, lakes, and mountains as well as a beautiful dichotomy between historical ruins and modern cities. Macedonia has a little something for everybody. 

This is a simple Route through Macedonia. It visits all the major cities and you can do day trips to all major sights.

I’ve listed 3 sights/activities by City in the form of photos. I am a highly visual person, who loves colour, and is easily enticed by it. Perhaps you will be to.


Mustafa Pasa Mosque             Mother Teresa Memorial house      Tvrdina Kale Fortress


Wineries                                    Sveti Nikola Monastery             Konopiste Stone Columns


Lake Tikves                              Explore the Wineries               Relax in your Surroundings


Treskavec Monastery              Herzcleas Lyncestis                King Marko’s Towers


Zrze Monastery                        Old Bazaar                                 


Yeni Mosque                              Siok Sokak cafe lifestyle       Stara Carsija Market

Pelister National Park

Lagunas                                    Maloviste Village                      Church of Sveta Petka

Sveti Naum

Sveti Naum Monastery            Beaches                                     Trpejca


Plaosnik                                    Sveti Jovan at Kaneo             Cinar


Vevcani Springs                      Jablanica Mountain Range       Vevcani Carnival

Mavrovo National Park

Zare Lazarevski Skiing         Galicnik Wedding                Sveti Joven Bigorski Monastery

With all the beauty of its churches and tradition. Who wouldn’t want to make a stop over in this small often wrongly overlooked country?