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Posted by on Feb 12, 2012 in Chile, South America

The Colours of Valparaiso, Chile

The Colours of Valparaiso, Chile


When it comes to the worlds most colourful city: I think Valpariaso, Chile is taking a run for the money.

If you want to enjoy all the pretty colours of Valpariso, you’ll want to find a hostel in the Cerro Concepcion neighbourhood. Valparaiso has a population of 276,000 people, and is located 2 hours West of Santiago de Chile.

The city of Valparaiso is a port city built on a hill. This means every house has a great view. It also means that if you do not like stairs – this city if NOT for you! They have furniculars, which are elevators, to take you up or down around town. These are a life saver.


The neighbourhood of Concepcion is an urbanistic model with alleys and miradores, elegant mansions, flowerful gardens, and a phenomenal display of graffiti.


Valpariaso is a city you never need to have anything pre-planned in. By simply walking in the streets, dipping into the local stores, and stopping at any one of the blissful cafes at every corner, you will have a splendid day. The art, graffiti, and splashes of colour that covers the city will keep your eyes and your mind intrigued for days.





  1. The colours of Chile are magnificent! I want to travel there one day soon and after seeing these photos I really have to go!

    • You should it is beautiful in Chile. The people are warm and jovial, the weather is decent all year round, and the cities are very easy to wander aimlessly getting lost in their colours!


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