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Posted by on Feb 15, 2012 in Chile, Explore, South America

Santa Cruz Vineyard Experience

Santa Cruz Vineyard Experience

You go to Santa Cruz for 1 reason only – to enjoy the incredible scenery and drink yourself through the vineyards. My mother and I did just that for 4 days. 

After hopping on a bus from Santiago heading 3 hours South, we arrive in Santa Cruz. A tiny city that is surrounded my hundred’s of vineyards. We checked ourselves into our bed&breakfast named El Parador de la Vina. This B&B is incredibly charming and located ON a vineyard, so you walk out back, lay on a chair near the pool and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding grape vines and soft rustle. It is a little peace of heaven.

I had a very exciting next few days planned for my mother and I – it consisted of 4 vineyards, multiple wine tastings, and a blissful drunk in the beautiful Chile heat. It is time to enjoy the pride of Chile.

Santa Cruz is located in the Colchagua valley which was chosen by the Wine Enthusiast magazine in 2005 as the Best Wine Region of the World for its excellence in Red Wines.

We enjoyed the local offerings at:

We hired a taxi for each day to tour us around the vineyards. It cost $15/day. Pretty good deal since most of the Vineyards are 10-25 minutes outside of town. And the convenience of a hired driver means we never had to think about getting lost or when to get off a bus.

All of the vineyards included a tour of the winery, explanation of the wine process, details of their award winning wines, and wine tasting with explanations on how to taste the wine, and details on what are the normally expressed tastes in the wine. I am a horrible wine taster – I just know that I LOVE it – but I can tell nothing of the hints within a wine, people were saying pineapple and oak, I was tasting grapes. But the one thing I did determine is that my pallet had a taste for the cheapest wines. Every time, we tasted them all, then picked our favourites. They would tell us the prices for the bottle – I managed to select the cheapest wine each and every time. I am happy my pallet is this way; because now I know my pallet and my wallet are in-line with each other and my wallet will never be angry with what my pallet demands.

Each vineyard offered something a little bit different. Some offered horse carriage rides through the vineyards, others offered chances to view miniatures of Chile’s most famous sights, and others offered magnificent restaurants to dine in after the wine tasting.

Would I go back and spend more time drinking in this beautiful valley? I could not think of a better way to enjoy a glass of wine than fresh from a vat!



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