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Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Asia, Thailand

Learning Thai Massage – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Learning Thai Massage – Chiang Mai, Thailand

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand – why not learn a skill? I spent the day learning Thai massage. A day of laughter and muscle relaxing.

If you go online and type in “Chiang Mai, Thai Massage” a gazillion options will appear. If you read ANY bulletin on any wall – there are Thai massage classes being offered. If you’re anything like me – you simply choose the most convenient option. By this- I mean with availability the next day. I don’t plan weeks in advance. Since I liked them and their class – Here if their information.

JERA Traditional Thai Massage
42/2 Ratchaphakhina Road Muang Chiang Mai 50200
Mobile: 087.0492318 | 053.207050

The school provided me with a booklet to keep of 50 poses which provided me with the basics of Thai massage. The main focus of the booklet was is on practical Thai massage and thus the theoretical part of the book is kept rather short. Super – a Picture Book! My favourite!

The class was entertaining because the day we went – it was ONLY my friend and I taking the class. Basically a One-to-One instructional class. We spent the day massaging each other. This would seem like it is more comfortable – but it is almost more awkward to learn this way. I am not an overly touchy person, and I spent a full day hands-on.

One thing about Thai Massage: I hope you’re not ticklish! Normally a Thai massage is not done in a ticklish manner, but when you are learning, you often make mistakes, and ones which make your partner squirm and laugh.

This was one day incredibly well spent! I would advise anybody who ENJOYS massages – to take a class and try it out. You do get VERY familiar with the person you’re learning it with. So either do it with a friend, spouse, or somebody you do not mind getting handsy with!