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Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Asia, Thailand

Hiking in a hilltop village in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hiking in a hilltop village in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For an adventure while in Chiang Mai, Jeannie and I went for a two day hike up the mountains to spend the night with a hilltop tribe. They did not speak Thai so our guide acted as our translator.

We thought it would be an enjoyable hike up the mountain. It wasn’t. It was difficult and grueling and at more than one point during the hike up, Jeannie and I were sitting on a tree trunk having water dumped over our heads as we wished our lungs could suck in more oxygen. We couldn’t breath. I was in decent shape – but this was a really steep mountain. Or maybe I am lazier than I thought?

We FINALLY made it to the top. And boy were we pleased with ourselves. We gave ourselves a pat on the back and treated ourselves to Chang Beers.

In the evening, we were lucky enough to have the children of the village sing for us. It was a beautiful sight. I had starbursts in my bag and the children eagerly reached out for them as I gave them each 3. They’d never had starbursts before, and I am now a leading cause of sugar addiction in children around the world.

One of the local men started offering us homemade moonshine. This stuff was TOXIC. He made it out back and he was sucking it back like water. The rest of us paced ourselves. He become our performer; he did magic tricks and lead us in sing-a-long’s while playing his guitar. We all slowly sank into a pleasant drunken state.

Would you drink Homemade Moonshine made by a hilltop Village?



  1. Hi, what company did you use for your 2 day trek? I’m going to Thailand shortly and would love to do something similar. many thanks

    • I actually don’t know which company it was, I’m sorry! I found it from the corner store – they were selling tours of all types.