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Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in Asia, Japan

Disney: International Fun – Tokyo, Japan

Disney: International Fun – Tokyo, Japan

Peace signs at Tokyo Disneyland

When you’re in Japan – forget experiencing the culture, food, and traditions – instead, head to the American invasion Disneyland in Tokyo. 

When I landed in Japan, I had my itinerary set up – I was hanging in Tokyo for a few days then heading down to Kyoto then Osaka. I had friends houses to stay at, and a lot of catching up to do. What I did not plan – was heading to Disneyland for a day of exceptional fun filled with hats, all my favourite characters, and lots of Japanese peace sign photos.

I do not know why it shocked me to find out that Tokyo Disneyland was identical to Florida Disneyland. Rides, Fun, and everybody wearing a character hat, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the day. I ate myself into a Disneyland coma and laughed til I was childhood giddy.

I even helped a stranger. There was a massive line-up for the ATM (as usual when you’re in a rush), and the man in front of me took out cash, but walked away from the machine before actually TAKING the cash. That is right folks, he did not forget his debit card, nor even the receipt, he forgot the reason he was there – the cash. And this man did not take out the $50 usual, this man took out about ¥25,000 in Japanese Yen. He is lucky I have a strong sense of moral ethics – I grabbed his cash, left my place in line, and dashed after him to give him his cash. This man gave me ¥1,000 Yen for being so kind. I like doing good deeds. We all ended up happy.

I even gave in and purchased myself a Mickey Wizard hat. It sits in my room as a permanent reminder of the treason to the culture I committed. Is it NOT treason to spend a day at Disneyland while in Japan? It may be, but man was it ever a great day.

I even dressed up as Jack Sparrow. If only Disneyland sold Rum I could of completed a full transition.

I thank all my Tokyo friends for coming and spending a great day with me.

Would you spend a day in Tokyo at Disneyland?